Pratt Invents New Conspiracy Theory

Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America went on the air with Alex Jones and invented a bizarre new conspiracy theory. If the House Republicans force a government shutdown, he says, Obama will stop social security checks from going out by claiming that they can’t pay the electric bill on the office that prints the checks. Yeah, seriously.


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  • Gregory in Seattle

    But… wouldn’t a far right extremist conspiracy nutter WANT the government to stop sending out Social Security checks? Isn’t that the whole point of a government shut down, to force it to stop spending money these idiots believe should not be spent?

  • petemoulton

    See? There you go again, Gregory. Trying to bring facts, evidence and logic to the table. You know perfectly well that a good conspiracy don’t need no steenkin’ facts, evidence, or logic.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    @petemoulton #2 – Yeah, sorry about that. It’s a bad habit I haven’t been able to break.

  • Deen

    So is he admitting that the government is doing good things for people? And that a government shutdown will hurt people?

  • Larry

    #2 & 3:

    Nope, you still don’t have it right. ‘baggers are against sending gub’mint money to brown people, womens, and lie-berals. Money that comes to them (e.g., SS), is by divine providence, ordained by St. Ronny and the Founding Fathers and thus musn’t be tampered with. Thus, the “Government hands off my medicare” signs at teabagger rallies.

  • Ellie

    As of March 1, 2013, a law went into effect requiring SS payments to be made electronically. There may be a few people who still receive checks, but probably not many, as those who still were, would have been contacted by the Department of the Treasury, regarding compliance with the new law. Printing is not necessary.

  • dmcclean

    Haha, that’s awesome Ellie. Thanks for the info.

    The fractal nature of wrongness demonstrated again.

  • hunter

    @ Ellie:

    And those who don’t have regular bank accounts can have their payments sent to currency exchanges or directly to a prepaid debit card account.

  • democommie

    “See? There you go again, Gregory.”

    Can somebody “audioshop” that scene from the “Untouchables” where Sean Connery’s character tells the mafia guy who tries to ambush him in his apartment (before he gets whacked by Frank Nitti) (source: only it would be:

    “Isn’t that just like a rational person, he brings logic, facts and intelligence to a Teabaggist orgy of teh burnin’ stoopit!”

  • Freodin

    To be fair, he DID say that Obama would claim to have no money to run the computers for SS.

    This claim is so utterly nuts as it is – there is no need to falsely cite it.

  • Modusoperandi

    What an idiotic theory. Everybody knows Obamacare already Death Panel’d all the elderly.

  • exdrone

    Obama is just being like any dad with lights left on in an empty room. He couldn’t help himself from turning the computers off and scolding, “If no one is going to be in here, don’t leave this turned on!”