Atheist Bangladeshi Bloggers Finally Indicted

Four atheist bloggers in Bangladesh who were arrested in April have finally been charged in court and their trials will begin in November. They are charged with writing “inflammatory blogs” that offended the religious feelings of Muslims in that country.

A Dhaka court has charged four in two cases under the Information and Communications Technology Act for writing alleged inflammatory blogs on sensitive religious issues.

Metropolitan Sessions Court Judge Md Zahurul Haque on Sunday gave the order against the four bloggers – Asif Mohiuddin, Subrata Adhikari Shuvo, Moshiur Rahman Biplob and Rasel Parvez.

The judge also fixed Nov 6 for beginning their trial in both cases.

This is the first time any accused has been charged under the ICT Act after it was amended. If proved guilty, they could be given between 7 to 14 years in prison under the amended law.

The Bangladeshi government likes to claim that it’s a secular government, but that’s nonsense. If you’re enforcing laws that prevent speech that offends religious beliefs, that word simply does not apply.

"And regardless of my perceived flaws, how do you excuse your own tyranny?"

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  • BrainwashingGoddess—–Mind Control for the Evil IllumiNaughty Agenda

    This is ludicrous, so sickening.

  • zero6ix

    Imagine the TV show this could turn into.


    Busting fools that hurt other peoples feelings…ONLINE!

    This week, Officers Jackboot and Neckstomp raid an internet cafe. They’ll show those FtB punks who’s boss.

  • Modusoperandi



    “Honestly officer, she offended my religious beliefs first!”

  • criticaldragon1177

    #1 BrainwashingGoddess,

    “This is ludicrous, so sickening.”

    Its not just ludicrous, its a violation of human rights, and yes it is sickening.

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