Pratt: When Even Michelle Malkin Debunks You…

Someone needs to attempt a taxonomy of wingnuts, identifying the various strains of thought and differentiating them by how disconnected from reality they are. Like Michelle Malkin is pretty far out on the fringe and willing to accept all kinds of idiotic claims as long as they make Obama look bad. But Larry Pratt is considerably worse. In this video, one of Alex Jones’ acolytes mentions a thoroughly debunked claim about the VA taking guns away from veterans and Pratt immediately seizes on it as evidence of communist, Nazi, blah blah blag.


Even Malkin’s site Twitchy debunked this one more than six months ago. But for Pratt, who is so far to the right that he thinks the NRA are too liberal, anything that spurs more fear and keeps the money flowing in to Gun Owners of America, no matter how inane or demagogic, is fine. He simply doesn’t care what is true.

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  • Modusoperandi

    “He simply doesn’t care what is true.”

    Lies! He does care, because that’s the stuff he has to avoid.

  • d.c.wilson

    If history is any indication, we can expect a republican to ask why the VA is disarming veterans at the next Benghazi hearing.

  • Skip White

    Well obviously they have to disarm veterans. How else is Obama going to arm his secret Muslim horde massing across the Mexican border, ready to strike on January 19, 2017 to establish the first American Caliphate?

  • zero6ix

    Ahh, so this is what gibbering insanity looks like. I always wondered.

  • zippythepinhead

    “Someone needs to attempt a taxonomy of wingnuts, identifying the various strains of thought and differentiating them by how disconnected from reality they are.”

    They did, I think it’s called the “DSM”.

  • d.c.wilson

    Fun fact about Pratt that I learned today. He used to work for Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaign but was fired when it was revealed he had associations with white supremacist groups.

    That’s right, he was too racist for Pat Buchanan.

  • exdrone

    I note that Pratt got pretty touchy at the host’s suggestion about people being hospitalized in the psychiatric ward. His worst fears realized, I suspect.

  • kantalope

    d.c.wilson – I lol’d

  • democommie

    Meanwhile, a friend who works at a VA clinic told me that vets show up for appointments–armed. When they are told that they can’t bring weapons to ANY VA facility–unless they’re VA security, LE personnel or someone empowered, specifically, to do so–they mumble, “2ndmendmencoldeadfingers”. It would just be pathetic if it weren’t so deadly dangerous.