Ladies and Gentlemen, the Worldnetdaily Readers

If there’s anything more consistently ridiculous than the Worldnetdaily, it’s the Worldnetdaily’s readers. In this column on 9/11, Joseph Farah is arguing about whether a Bible verse written about ancient Israel, the one he based his day of prayer and repentance on, applies to America today. He says it does, of course. And the column is just the usual piffle, complete with Farah’s habit of making entire paragraphs out of short sentences to make it look like he’s written a whole column.

Do we want to continue down the road of judgment that began, as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has shown in “The Harbinger” and “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” 12 years ago on this day?

Do we want to let nature take its course or rely on the wisdom of men to pull American out of the moral and spiritual gutter into which it has descended?

Or do we want to follow God’s prescription for renewal?

No amount of politicking could ever have more impact.

No amount of witty argumentation could ever have more impact.

No amount of hand-wringing could ever have more impact.

Today is that day.

It’s a promise specifically for all believers – “His people.”

It’s a promise for all times.

It’s a promise for all nations.

And it’s a promise for American believers today.

I’m not sure this even qualifies as blah, blah, blah. But to answer his first question, why wouldn’t a Christian want to continue down the road to judgment? Shouldn’t they be cheering at the idea that we’re in the end times and God is going to judge the world soon? Seems pretty obvious to me. And of course, this is the same thing said on every “day of prayer” and none of them ever seem to do anything except lighten the pocketbooks of the credulous.

But the comment section is pure genius, especially this guy:

2 chronicles is also the 14th book in the book of the 66 books

last year on 9/11, it was ALSO a tuesday 11 years later

another eerie thing about what happened 12 years ago, was the NUMBER of the FLIGHTS!

FLIGHT 11 went into the north tower,

FLIGHT 77 went into the pentagon and it even said, AMERICAN AIRLINES Washington DC is built on the 77th parallel!!

FLIGHT 93 is similar to the time in 1993 when the WTC was bombed earlier and didn’t completely destroy it

the south tower was the only ‘oodball’ flight with the number 125 or someting like that

i don’t even think the terrorists had ANY IDEA about the numbers of the flights

9/11/01 could have been worse, since it happen BEFORE 9AM many people didn’t get to work early, if it was after 9, thousands more could have died…

7:14 is VERY IMPORTANT… and it connects us with the COUNTRY OF ISRAEL its two dates: Sun 12/7/41–Sat 5/14/48 -7 +7 +7==Israel also became a nation in 1948–1900 is also a version of the number 7 within time: 19:00 is 7pm

48 is also 1/3 of 144

Rev 7:4-8 mentions that number==when many jews were dying in Europe, many of them in the country of 7:4, the US were MAKING MOVIES IN HOLLYWOOD MGM & WB

the song GOD BLESS AMERICA was written by a man named Israel Loewnstein–(Irving Berlin)

Incidentally, the 77th parallel north crosses the Greenland Sea, not Washington DC. The 77th parallel south is in the southern hemisphere. This kind of numerological bullshit absolutely cracks me up. But it’s no less rational than all the other crap you’ll find in the WND.

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  • zero6ix

    For that incredible display of mental gymnastics, I score it a 8.9. Would have been a perfect 10 had they not mentioned the south tower, and a technical flaw with confusing Virginia with DC.

  • This is quite simply mental illness.

  • IslandBrewer

    Pure gold!

  • It’s a promise specifically for all believers – “His people.”

    Really? Somehow I bet he’s not including muslims and mormons and cthulhu cultists.

  • lldayo

    They don’t teach this kind of weapons grade hoowacky in public schools, that I’m aware of. Where does someone learn to think with this kind of warped logic and then manage to type it out without being interrupted by fits of their own laughter?

    Oh, that’s right. God, the compass on which all logic can be measured against.

  • eamick

    He probably confused latitude and longitude. DC is at 77° W longitude, not that this makes his twaddle any more convincing.

    And Irving Berlin’s real name was actually Israel Beilin. But hey, those Jewish names are all the same, amirite? Then again, we have the serial killer Israel Keyes….. oops.

  • Trebuchet

    the south tower was the only ‘oodball’ flight…

    Must have been one of those spheres the Ood use to talk…

  • dingojack

    I prayed: ‘Oh god make my enemies look foolish’ And lo, god granted my prayer!

    🙂 Dingo

  • Loqi

    Wednesday is the third day of the work week. It is also the number of bases on a baseball diamond. If you subtract 1 (for the one true god) from 3, you get 2 (the number of towers). I had 2 eggs for breakfast this morning. There are two waffle houses in my home town, which also serve eggs. From this, we can conclude that the Waffle House’s Wednesday breakfast special brought down the WTC. Open your eyes, sheeple!

  • The attacks took place on 9/11, 2001.


    11 = (3^2) + 2, or (2^3) + 3. In either case, there are 3 numbers where 2 are the same.

    2+0+0+1 = 3

    2+3 = 5, thus proving that the Law of Fives is never wrong! Hail Eris!

  • blf

    the south tower was the only ‘oodball’ flight with the number 125

    1+2+5=8, which turned on its side is ∞ which is the first part of oodball. So there! Proof, proof, that commonly-recognized spelling is an evil plot.

  • I would watch the Oodball World Cup.

    Go Oods Gamma 63 through 73!

    Beat that team made up of Oods Lambda 231 through 240 and Ood Rho 416!

    The cheering is awkward, but well-meant.

  • dingojack

    CaitieCat – yes, but you should hear their singing.

    The five part harmony in call and response section of the mash-up of I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles and You’ll Never Walk Alone is to die for.


    😉 Dingo

  • colnago80

    Re dingojack the chihuahua @ #13

    An excellent rendition of the second song.

  • LOL, I’m a bigger fan of their Spurs Are on Their Way to Wembley, especially the live version on that totally-not-bootleg thumb drive I have. *shifty eyes*