What Joseph Farah’s Autograph is Worth

What Joseph Farah’s Autograph is Worth September 15, 2013

A reader emailed me about this and it cracked me up. The Worldnetdaily is selling autographed copies of This Land is Our Land: How to End the War on Private Property, a book written by Joseph Farah and a wingnut congressman, for $99.00. You can get the same book on Amazon for $1.99. That is one valuable autograph. But hey, if the suckers are willing to pay it…

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  • barry21

    This is such a shitty deal that I can’t even think of an ironic way to say I’m interested.

    Joseph Farah is to entrepreneurship what Joseph Farah is to political commentary.

  • Yes, $1.99 for a book by Farah is a shitty deal.

  • barry21


  • I’d love Joey’s autograph. On a piece of paper turning WND over to me. I’d even let him keep writing for it, albeit with a giant disclaimer stating he’s full of crap after every piece.

  • sezme

    No, no, no, Ed. You missed the fine print. You ALSO get three (count ’em, 3) FREE copies of their monthly magazine, Whistleblower. Now, you’ll just have to admit this is just one helluva deal. Right?

  • dcsohl

    Is that one copy each of three consecutive issues, or three copies of the same issue?

  • Doug Little

    $1.99 that’s cheaper than toilet paper.

  • freehand

    Doug Little$1.99 that’s cheaper than toilet paper.

    True, but it’s not soft and comfy. It’s harsh and cold, and doesn’t hang together.