Huelskamp: 42nd Vote on Obamacare Way Better than Previous 41

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, one of the second-tier far-right members of the House (he takes a clear backseat to Steve King, Michele Bachmann and Louis Gohmert; he’s only a b-team wingnut) explains why the House is going to vote a 42nd time to defund Obamacare and why this is so much more important than the previous 41 times.

House Republicans have now voted 41 times to repeal Obamacare, knowing each time that those bills would go nowhere in the Senate and never get the green light from President Barack Obama.

But Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) is amped up about attempt number 42. He and other Tea Party lawmakers in the House are pushing GOP leaders to tie a vote to defund the Affordable Care Act to a must-pass, temporary spending bill aimed at keeping the government funded past Oct. 1, when current funding runs out. The effort has been a serious headache for GOP leaders, who want to appease their Tea Party flank but don’t want to risk a government shutdown.

Huelskamp was excited this week as he talked to reporters about the latest strategy for killing Obamacare.

“None of the other votes were on must-pass bills. They were on individual bills,” he told The Huffington Post, comparing the House’s past attempts to sink Obamacare to baseball. “We’ve had 42 different swings at the bat. Forty-two different exhibition games. But we’ve never actually had a regular season.”

Huelskamp told HuffPost things will be different this time because the legislative vehicle being used gives repeal proponents more leverage.

“We haven’t had it on the C.R. yet,” he said, referring to the temporary spending measure, known as a continuing resolution. “We have 85 who say they want a vote on this.”

And if you shut down the government for that purpose, it’s going to boomerang on you in a huge way. Which almost makes me wish they’d do it. A year before the midterm elections is a great time to screw yourself over.

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  • freehand

    Maybe if they continue to screw up enough, by the time Obama’s would-be successors are running, the US population will consider a real progressive.

    What? It can happen.

  • Now now. Wait until the debt limit vote. Shutting down the government is nice and all, but damaging US credit (as happened last time they talked, joyously, about defaulting) and sending the US economy (and the world with it) from the edge of the bowl (where it’s perched now) right in to the toilet, well, that’s the kind of Patriotism America Freedom Liberty Family [brain broken. please reset].

  • garnetstar

    Did the founding fathers put anything in the Consitution about what should be done when 40% of the majority House party members simultaneously go insane?

    Or did the founders just leave it to us to wing it?

  • Michael Heath

    I can’t see Republicans ever blaming themselves for anything bad that has or will happen because of their actions. Whatever harm they’re about to wreak will just get attributed to the black usurper in the White House; because that’s exactly how they’re already acting, e.g., blaming Barack Obama for the last recession in spite of that recession starting more than a year prior to his becoming president where none dare speak his name (George W. Bush).