Beck Website Promotes Ron Paul Curriculum

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze website has an article about the Ron Paul Curriculum, which promises to teach homeschooling parents and students “get an education in liberty like no other.” Given that the curriculum is being developed by Gary North, the nation’s leading Christian Reconstructionist, you can be sure that “liberty” is being defined in an Orwellian manner.

In addition to geography, the self-guided curriculum will instruct students on history, mathematics, science, economics and, of course, the U.S. Constitution. A description of the project is overwhelmingly positive, as it pledges to teach young people how America can — and will — be reclaimed to encompass and tout its intended values.

So the curriculum is going to teach about the Constitution and “its intended values.” But what values are those? Most Christian right folks claim that the Constitution intended to establish a Christian nation, but Gary North takes the exact opposite position, that the Constitution was written illegally by a cabal of secularists who, for the first time, established a government without any covenant with God. North’s book Conspiracy in Philadelphia, available online for free, makes exactly that case.

This book is the history of a deception. I regard this deception asthe greatest deception in American history. So successful was this deception that, as far as I know, this book is the first stand-alone volume to discuss it. The first version of this book appeared as Part3 of Political Polytheism (1989), 201 years after the deception was ratified by representatives of the states, who created a new covenant and a new nation by their collective act of ratification-incorporation.

This new covenant meant a new god. The ratification of the United States Constitution in 1787–88 was not an act of covenant renewal.It was an act of covenant-breaking: the substitution of a new covenant in the name of a new god. This was not understood at the time, but it has been understood by the humanists who have written the story of the Constitution. Nevertheless, they have not presented the history of the Constitutional Convention as a deception that was produced by a conspiracy. The spiritual heirs of the original victims of this deception remain unaware of the deception’s origins. Most of the heirs go about their business as if nothing unique had happened, just as the original victims did after 1788. But a few of the heirs rail against the humanistic historians who have told the story of the new American nation: a “grand experiment” in which the God of the Bible was first formally and publicly abandoned by any Western nation. They have argued that there was no deception, that America is still a Christian nation, that the Constitution “in principle” was and remains a Christian document, and it is only the nefarious work of the U.S. Supreme Court and the American Civil Liberties Union that has stripped the Constitution of its original Christian character. There is no greater deception than one which continues to deceive the victims, over two centuries after the deed was done.

And North has no problem blurting out exactly what his goal is, the end of freedom for anyone but Christians:

So let us be blunt about it: we must use the doctrine of religious liberty to gain independence for Christian schools until we train up a generation of people who know that there is no religious neutrality, no neutral law, no neutral education, and no neutral civil government. Then they will get busy constructing a Bible-based social, political, and religious order which finally denies the religious liberty of the enemies of God. Murder, abortion, and pornography will be illegal. God’s law will be enforced.

So we have a totalitarian theocrat writing a curriculum that claims to give an “education in liberty.” Seriously, how deluded would you have to be to believe that?

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  • Ignorance is strength.

  • frankb

    A description of the project is overwhelmingly positive,

    There is also a description of this project that is overwhelmingly negative, and anyone can make a description that is every shade in between. You are not a very good salesperson are you?

  • oranje

    I’m trying to find the prohibition on porn in the bible. Not finding it. Or really abortion, for that matter. But that’s okay. They’re bible-based, right?

  • zero6ix

    Wait wait wait. If I read that quoted bit correctly, murder is currently legal? As in, right now? I could totally murder people? I had no idea! Time to get my slaughter on.

    PS: Not actually murdering people right now. Turns out that’s illegal. The police were very clear on that.

  • Alverant

    Well it is a lesson in liberty like no other. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s a good lesson.

  • Chiroptera

    Wait a minute, isn’t Ron Paul marketed as some kind of libertarian? What does that have to do with the Christian Reconstructionists? Hell, I doubt that the Reconstructionists even espouse the type of free market fundamentalism that Paul’s sort of libertarians are supposed to be pushing.

  • Ron Paul has finally woken up to the fact that he can make a fuckton more money being a polevangelist than he ever could as a congressman. He doesn’t have to do anything that different, but his income will be through the roof if he can find the hook for his fish.


    My keyboard has keys for letters, numerals, symbols, spacebar, caPs LocK and the like. But, unlike Glennie Bek, Gary North and somathem other fine KKKristianist Writurds, I don’t got me no, “Spittle fleckin'” key. Can anyone tell me where I might find one? Help a brother out!

  • busterggi

    “Seriously, how deluded would you have to be to believe that?”

    Deluded enough to be among the 32% that always votes Republican at least.

    BTW, does Beck know that North’s version of America would proclaim Mormonism a heresy and execute its followers?

  • Has anyone explained yet how the fact that Ron Paul’s name is on it doesn’t mean he endorses it or has any idea what’s in the curriculum and we shouldn’t try to hold him responsible for its contents?

  • abb3w

    @6, Chiroptera:

    Wait a minute, isn’t Ron Paul marketed as some kind of libertarian? What does that have to do with the Christian Reconstructionists?

    Both appear likely to tend high-SDO; and some Christian Reconstructionists seem not so much high-RWA as high-LWA — high in aggression and conventionalism, but having a high degree of submission to a socially non-standard (religious) authority that seeks to disestablish society’s current (governmental) authorities.

    It seems likely a pragmatic alliance that would eventually end with a Night of Long Knives at some point, if they were ever to prevail.

  • zero6ix


    Little bit of mouse clickery answers your question.

  • John Pieret

    North’s book Conspiracy in Philadelphia, available online for free

    Still too dear for me.

  • I’m waiting for the paultards to remind us how different and independent Ron Paul is from all those other right-wing Republicans. You know, how he’s supposed to be the “alternative” to the Republican “establishment”…

  • raven

    a generation of people who know that there is no religious neutrality, no neutral law, no neutral education, and no neutral civil government.

    This is so appealing that US xianity is losing 2 million members a year.

    Gary North and Ron Paul have always been huge advantages for the No Religions.

  • bushrat

    Jesus H. Christ, if he had of mentioned the Free Masons or Illuminati he might have the next script for a National Treasure sequel. Now I enjoy insanity as much as the next man, but I try to stick to the ‘smears soup in their hair and sings show tunes to butterflies’ types. This guy makes Planet X conspiracy theorists look sane.

  • francesc

    Wait, mathematics? That’s too dangerous to teach to your kids, it could make them think