Hannity Pal: MLK Anniversary Looked Like Klan Rally

Jesse Lee Peterson, a frequent guest on the Sean Hannity show on Fox News (Hannity is on the board of his organization as well) and a preacher so far to the right that he thinks women should not be allowed to vote, has an absolutely bizarre column at the Worldnetdaily about the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. He actually compares it to a KKK rally.

Most blacks have lost the moral authority to claim the mantle of civil rights because they refuse to stand for what is right.

As an example, the 50th anniversary commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic march and speech looked like a Ku Klux Klan rally!

Uh, why? How? He doesn’t even attempt to support that deranged claim.

In his address, Obama, flanked by members of the King family, shamelessly said, “We would dishonor the memory of Dr. King and other heroes to suggest that the work of this nation is complete …” He then attacked Republicans who want to preserve voter integrity at the polls. Obama said we have to fight back against those who want to “erect new barriers to the vote …”

Obama also cited how black unemployment has remained twice as high as white unemployment and that the gap in wealth between the races has grown. He left out that things are far worse since he’s become president! He called for a minimum wage increase and for higher taxes on the wealthy. It was clear that Obama’s address was not about acknowledging the great strides America has made. His speech was about using the platform to sew dissatisfaction and help usher in his socialist ideas.

Does Peterson realize that the March on Washington was organized largely to fight for a minimum wage, which did not exist at the time? And that MLK himself was a democratic socialist who spoke about economic justice as often as he did racial justice? Or does Peterson just not give a shit?

There were no black or white Republican speakers. As if the Civil Rights Act of 1964 could have been passed without the GOP! This was not a commemoration of the spirit of MLK’s march. It was an outright attempt to rewrite history – and use King’s name to advance an anti-American political agenda.

There were no Republican speakers because they all refused to go. Every single one of them, including all of the congressional leaders and the one black Republican in the Senate. All were invited to speak, all declined the invitation. And the only one rewriting history here is you, just as you’re rewriting the facts of the present.

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  • trucreep

    “Or does Peterson just not give a shit?”

    Sounds about right :]

  • iknklast

    This is just an example of throwing some despicable thing that everyone recognizes as bad at something you don’ t like, even if there is no relationship between the two. I guess Hitler was busy that day, so they had to bring out the KKK for their ridiculous comparison.

  • Chiroptera

    He actually compares it to a KKK rally.

    Except with more black participants. And talking about improving the economic and social situation of black people. And recognizing the diversity in US society.

    Other than that, just like a Klan rally!

  • “There were no Republican speakers because they all refused to go. Every single one of them, including all of the congressional leaders and the one black Republican in the Senate. All were invited to speak, all declined the invitation.”

    ACORN made the invitation list. And Shirley Sherrod misspelled their names on the invites. And Common, visiting the White House, sent them out late. And the New Black Panthers tried to deliver them. But Holder bungled it, and ended up delivering them himself. To Van Jones. And he accidentally delivered Food Stamps.

    What I’m trying to say is “They know when they’re not wanted”. A couple did drive past, after locking the doors.

  • zero6ix

    Why don’t you big meanies like us white folks? What did we ever do to you?

  • neike

    Peterson has also thanked “God and white people” for slavery adding if it weren’t for the slave trade, blacks might have never made it to the promised land and described slave ships as akin to “being on a crowded airplane”.

  • John Hinkle

    From the article:

    We now have a full-fledged racist, socialist president in the White House. Obama is no different than Jeremiah Wright Jr., Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton – he’s just more polished and better at hiding who he is.

    In other words, Obama is no different than those guys – he’s just different from those guys.

  • busterggi

    “There were no black or white Republican speakers.”

    There were white Democratic speakers but I guess that Rethugs don’t consider them ‘real’ whites.

  • Synfandel

    …and described slave ships as akin to “being on a crowded airplane”.

    I know, it’s awful. There isn’t enough elbow room, the food tastes like cardboard, and the movie is always Mambo Kings.

  • marcus

    neike @ 6 Yeah, you’d think those ingrates on the Amistad would have appreciated the opportunity they were being given rather than raising hell and rioting over the lack of drink service and extra baggage fees.

  • Loqi

    What’s all this about King being a democratic socialist? He was totally a conservative who loved job creators. I can prove it with logic: Conservativism is good. Martin Luther King is good. Therefore Martin Luther King was a conservative.

    Let’s see you reason your way out of that, liberals!

  • My black fiancee and I were there. If the event really looked ANYTHING like a KKK rally, we would have steered clear of it. This guy is just another crybaby racist liar who doesn’t even care what ht’e talking about.