Jacobs Can Grow Bones and Eliminate Tumors!

Cindy Jacobs continues to make outlandish and ridiculous claims about her magical power to heal people, with no evidence whatsoever to back them up. Her latest is to claim that she once made a woman grow a new cheek bone and her own tumor that the devil had placed “behind my female organs or whatever.”

But at a prayer meeting, Jacobs said she began to “move out powerfully in faith.”

“I gave this prophecy, ‘You were in a car accident, and it destroyed your right cheekbone, so literally there’s a hollow under your cheek, you have no cheekbone. Where are you?’” she asked people at the meeting. “You see, that even takes faith to ask someone to stand up when you’re ministering like this.”

“And so, this woman stood up, you could see that she had been in a car accident, she had that concave, you know, look to her cheek,” Jacobs continued. “And I said, ‘Reach up and feel it.’ And she did. And as she rubbed her hand over her cheek, when she moved it away, you could see, God had grown the bone right under her hand.”

“Praise the Lord!”

Jacobs said that she was also able to heal herself after God showed her “the root of some things that allowed sickness into me.”

“I once had a grapefruit-sized tumor in my body, and the Holy Spirit showed me the source of that,” the TV prophet recalled. “It had come from a root of unforgiveness and a root of wounding. And, in fact, it was near — or behind my female organs or whatever and the Lord showed me that Satan had wounded me as a woman.”

I’d ask for evidence, but that would be futile.


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