Another Meeting of the Wingnut ‘Minds’

As a fan of unintentional comedy, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch Alan Keyes and Gordon Klingenschmitt together. Keyes thinks the Republicans can take a super-majority in both houses in 2014 to impeach Obama. Yeah, good luck with that. And please do run on that platform. Oh, and pray a lot. Because that really makes a difference.


""Be! Aggressive! Be be! Aggressive!" ~ DA Roy Moore, 1977"

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  • zero6ix

    For a second I thought Keyes was going to recommend killing and devouring Obama and his ilk, simply to absorb their power. After watching the whole video, that first thought sounded A) More feasible and B) Saner.

  • Set Kouwenhoven

    Keyes is a Wendigo! It makes sense!

  • R Johnston

    Keyes is still more than just a little bit resentful over the thrashing he took from Obama in the Illinois Senate race. His usual incoherent lunatic gibberish comes with extra spittle and paranoia when he speaks about Obama.

  • alanb

    In 2014 there will be 46 or 47 Republicans in the Senate depending upon who wins the New Jersey special election.There will be 20 Democratic seats up for election in ’14. I would like to see Keyes’ math on how he will achieve a 2/3 vote in the Senate.

  • R Johnston

    alanb @4:

    0.666… in base 14 is 6/13 in base 10, which comes to 46 or 47 Senators out of 100. Easy!

  • roggg

    @4: Am I missing something? 47 republicans, plus of all 20 democratic seats flipping to red makes 67/100 or 2/3 no?

    Not that there’s a hope in hell of that happening but it doesn’t seem mathematically impossible.

  • cottonnero

    Let’s see: give the Republicans the New Jersey seat, then assume that all Democrats up for election in the Senate lose, and no Republicans do, and assume that every single one of those 67 Republicans vote for impeachment, and that nothing goes wrong in getting 2/3 of the House to vote for impeachment.

    Yeah, nothing to it.

  • colnago80

    Re cottonnero @ #7

    It only requires a majority vote in the House.

  • Ace of Sevens

    @6: You are missing something. There are only 45 Republicans in the Senate. The current numbers are 45 Republicans, 53 Democrats, 1 socialist (Bernie Sanders) and 1 independent (Angus King). The last two caucus with the Republicans.

  • felidae

    “Send a message to the elitist elements”? What could be more elitist than a minority trying to nullify the results of an election where the President was duly elected by a majority? This just shows that nutjobs come in all sizes and colors like Gary Bauer, Michelle Malkin, Allan West and Herman Cain–equal opportunity stupidity

  • blf

    Yer dealing with fanatical loonies here. Bribes, assassinations, meteorite strikes, great sky faeries, and global cooling are all part of the “plans”. Only the bribes are liable to accomplish anything back in realityville.

  • colnago80

    Re Ace of Sevens @ #9

    I believe that King and Sanders caucus with the Democrats.

  • Ace of Sevens

    @12: That was what i was trying to say, but I screwed it up when typing. There are effectively 35 Democrats not up for election, so even a clean sweep and getting all Republicans in line wouldn’t work.

  • Dr X

    Keyes and Klingenschmitt together: the word Pelvispalooza comes to mind.

  • Dave Maier

    It gets better — check out Keyes’s “bucket brigade” plan (don’t ask; just look):