Fresno, Here I Come

An event called the Heretic’s BBQ sounds like it was made just for me, doesn’t it? I won’t be cooking at this event in Fresno, CA, but I will be speaking at it on Oct. 27. If you’re in the area, please come out. You can get tickets at the link above.

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  • Randomfactor

    Thinking about attending. Fresno’s actually a step UP for me…

  • democommie


    “Heretics’ BBQ” actually sounds like an old, old tradition amongst KKKristians.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    FRESNO?! I am so, so sorry. California’s Central Valley is a very conservative, extraordinarily religious part of the west coast; and Fresno and Bakersfield are its bookends.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Are you going to be able to keep up on the news while you travel? It would be a pity if you missed gems like this:

    Quitter Palin calls GOP “gutless” for not standing against Obamacare

  • cojjy

    Hmmmm. Looks like I might have to trek up from good ol’ Bakersfield. :)

  • Randomfactor

    Cojjy, if the acronym ASK doesn’t already mean something to you, I may need to talk to you. I’m at hotmail under the same nym.

    And Gregory in Seattle, things here in Bakersfield is bad, but they’s gettin’ better slowly…

  • dingojack

    Ed – don’t take a wrong turn at Albuquerque, you might end up in Tasmania! *

    :) Dingo


    * Tasmania, Fresno – it’s difficult to tell the two apart based on the human population (by the sounds of it).

    My tip – If there’s Sarcophilus harrisii, it’s Tassie.

  • spamamander, internet amphibian

    I’ll be terribly disappointed if they don’t serve baby.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    @Randomfactor #6 – I lived for several years in Visalia. I was even confirmed into the Episcopal Church John-David Schofield, the bishop who bolted when Gene Robinson was consecrated and tried to abscond with millions in church property.

    One of the big reasons why I’m an atheist today.

  • Pieter B, FCD

    Ed, if you come through LA and have any free time, I could arrange an interesting side trip.