Joyner ‘Exposes’ the ‘Spirit of Death’ Over Amsterdam

Like Gordon Klingenschmitt, Rick Joyner thinks he can identify evil spirits lurking about. On a recent broadcast he recounted the story of traveling to Amsterdam in the 1990s, when he saw the “spirit of death” over that city. But he didn’t want to tell anyone there because when he “exposes” Satan, he “comes to the earth with great wrath” and that, because he told a bunch of missionaries about it, many people were going to die. And lo and behold, a “demonic” storm hit and killed a bunch of people. He offers no evidence of this, of course, but it’s quite amusing to watch.


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  • Is this the adult version of sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories? Perhaps Joyner could get his studio people to put a light shining up into his face to get that flashlight effect. He and his audience get that little frisson of fear along with the comfort of know that they are actually safe.

  • cswella

    I’m pretty good at making shit up on the spot, why am I not on television and getting paid for it?

  • =8)-DX

    We had the “Spirit of Death” in our country not long ago. This man does well to warn people against the dangers of methanol in bootlegged liquor.

  • Doug Little

    WTF Amsterdam is one of the best places in the world. Maybe devils make places more fun.

  • when I saw the title of this post, I thought this was going to be something like Santorum’s Dutch Death Panels

  • Dexeron

    If Joyner’s “revealing” the “principality” (or whatever) actually caused the storm that killed people, shouldn’t he be tried as an accessory to murder for the deaths of all the people killed by that storm? I mean, if he wants to claim this great spiritual power, shouldn’t he get to have all of the responsibility that comes with it?

    More seriously though, how freaking twisted is this guy? “I don’t want to tell you… ok, I will. OK, now that I told you, PEOPLE WILL DIE TONIGHT.” He really believes that speaking would lead to people’s death, and he’d talk anyway? Yea, his belief that his words led to this storm is delusional, but his belief that those deaths are somehow… I don’t know what word to use… justified regardless because those missionaries had to know the truth? Imagine if this guy ACTUALLY had any real power over anyone’s life or death. He would put those lives secondary to his duty to his imaginary friend.

  • Dexteron

    Remember WWII: “Loose lips sink ships”!

  • Dexeron,

    sorry about the ‘t’.

  • “I’ve got a secret”


    “Yes, but I can’t tell you that the secret is there’s a storm coming. Oh, nuts…”

    Jadehawk “when I saw the title of this post, I thought this was going to be something like Santorum’s Dutch Death Panels”

    Aren’t those the Death Panels that split the bill 50/50?

  • lldayo

    @2 cswella – Because your only fans would be demanding you supply evidence for your claims. However, you could expand your audience by invoking Gawd and thus make millions.

  • zero6ix

    Satan gets cast out of Heaven on multiple occasions? How does he keep getting up there? Are the bouncers just not paying attention?

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Why does Joyner not only use but prominently product-place a laptop computer from a faggosexual-friendly company located in the southern suburbs of the Sodom Bay Area?

  • John Phillips, FCD

    The only one major storm that hit The Netherlands in the 90s killing a significant number of people was The Burns Day Storm on 25-26 January 1990. This did kill 30 people across The Netherlands but it was accurately forecast as a major storm all along with the Dutch met office continuously updating its forecasting to a final one of hurricane force 12 on the day of the storm. From Ireland to The Netherlands the storm was responsible for up to a 100 deaths.

    I had just got back to Rotterdam from a visit home to Wales the day before. We all just used it as an excuse to huddle down with a stack of joints and plenty of munchies for a couple of days as we had followed the forecasts. Unfortunately, even though there was very accurate forecasting and in plenty of time, many people failed to appreciate the actual severity that was being forecast. Most of the deaths across the track of the storm were from falling debris on people outside during the storm.

    Ironically, I was also living in Rotterdam for the Great Storm of 1987 which devastated Southern England and a part of Northern France, 17 deaths in England and 4 in France. Though by the time it hit The Netherlands it had largely burnt itself out so it was just a very windy storm with lots of heavy rain. So if you see me heading for Rotterdam in autumn or winter, avoid a wide path from Ireland to about Denmark as apparently Satan likes to shit on parts of Northern Europe when I’m in Rotterdam 🙂

  • jnorris

    I do wish Gordon Klingenschmitt and Rick Joyner would develop an interactive map app that showed where the demons are concentrated from day-to-day. No one wants to go to the beach and find out to late there is a demon of death over it.