Kessler Will Finally Be Fired

Gilberton, PA Police Chief Mark Kessler is finally going to be former Gilberton, PA police chief. The borough council voted to fire him on Thursday. But I really wish the media would stop pretending it was because he said bad words on his videos.

Gilberton council members made the decision on Thursday concerning Chief Mark Kessler, the only full-time member of the town’s police force, who’s active in gun rights circles and is organizing an armed, non-government group that critics call a private militia.

Kessler, despite insisting he was simply exercising his constitutional rights in the videos, said the town council’s decision was “no surprise.”

“We knew it was coming,” he said.

A closed-door disciplinary hearing earlier in the day had dwelled on allegations including that Kessler improperly used a state-administered program to buy discounted tires for his personal vehicle, failed to submit required crime data and made derogatory comments about borough officials, said his attorney, Joseph Nahas.

Nahas said the charges were trumped up to conceal the town’s intent to fire Kessler over the videos. He said after the vote he’ll request a public hearing at which both sides can call witnesses, as is Kessler’s right under due process rules. The council would then have to vote a second time to fire Kessler.

I don’t see why the council couldn’t just say they were firing him for the videos he made. And it has absolutely nothing to do with vulgarity or profanity, it has to do with the fact that he expressed astonishingly dehumanizing views about the very people he is sworn to protect and is clearly unstable and dangerous.

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  • R Johnston

    Sadly, I’d be willing to bet that the firing has more to do with the town’s liability insurer telling them to fire Kessler or lose their insurance than it has to do with the town council actually believing he did something wrong. Kessler isn’t exactly a subtle guy, and I’m sure his views were common knowledge in the town and on the town council before the videos popped up. What changed with the videos is that the rest of the world suddenly knew as well what a paranoid, violent, racist asshat Kessler was.

  • eric

    I don’t see why the council couldn’t just say they were firing him for the videos he made.

    IANAL, but my guess would be that unless you could show some event in which he failed to do some police work because the victim was a liberal (or ane event where he was inordinantly hard on a suspect who was liberal), it would be difficult to fire him for merely stating anti-liberal views.

  • They probably fired him for the reasons they did because at least two of them are cut and dry. Abusing state programs and failing to preform job functions are pretty clear firable offenses. Being a deranged psychopath may or may not be a firable offense when it comes to cops.

  • zenlike


    not because of what he said in those video’s but because of what he did, misuse government property.

  • Alverant

    Took them long enough. Meanwhile a Kansas prof was fired for saying the NRA has blood on its hands and they’d sing a different tune if it was one of their children who was killed in a mass shooting last Friday.

  • Evan Brehm

    This guy is likely a hero to the demented wingnuts of Moonbattery.

  • it would be difficult to fire him for merely stating anti-liberal views.

    Surely a right-wing anti-liberal would accept the arbitrary dictates of an “at will” employer without complaint.

  • a deranged psychopath

    If he were a psychopath, which is a medical condition he’d be deserving of care and sympathy. Non neuro-typical individuals are not making a lifestyle choice, whereas former chief Kessler appears to have chosen to be an asshole.

    (I’m not trying to tell you what to do, but you may want to consider that likening assholes to people who suffer from serious disorders is not very nice to the sufferers of disorders)

  • The job of police chief requires a certain temperament. Talk of violence against the people he’s supposed to protect, and generally acting like a lunatic and an embarrassment to the community is perfectly good grounds for terminating him. I don’t see why he should have first amendment protection any more than someone who threatens to kill their boss.

  • Good riddance.

  • Markita Lynda—threadrupt

    No, no, being arbitrarily fired (not that it’s the case here) is for other people.

  • That, plus he made what sure sounded like threats against John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi.

  • Kessler’s made his bones with the MGN* and will now be doing the ReiKKKwing soiree circuit. It’s sortalike the lefties brie and chardonnay gigs, ‘cept they all drink shine and eat jerky.

    * MurKKKan Gunzloonz Nayshun

  • eric

    @7 – heh.

  • @7:

    Only if he’s a Paulista.

  • caseloweraz

    HuffPost: In January, Kessler drafted a resolution the borough adopted that calls for nullifying any federal, state or local regulations that infringe on the Second Amendment.

    Oh, yeah — he’s a shoo-in for the conservative lecture circuit (although I’d be somewhat surprised to see him at C-PAC.)

    But what’s scary about this bit is that the borough approved his resolution.

  • I’ve lived in a few towns small enough that a substantial portion of the off-duty cops would show up and basically own the room during budget talks. They showed up off-duty but with unis and sidearms, just in case there were any uppity selectmen that had to be subdued.