Huelskamp Lies About Obamacare and Abortion

With Michele Bachmann leaving the House after next year, Rep. Tim Huelskamp senses an opportunity to move into the upper echelon of the dumbest and most dishonest members of Congress and he is upping his game to seize the brass ring. On the Steve Deace show he argued that Obamacare should be defunded because 90% of the American people oppose a $1 surcharge for abortions — which does not exist.

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PolitiFact calls this claim “ridiculously inaccurate.” And as Right Wing Watch says, isn’t it incredible how Republicans have convinced themselves that after losing the 2012 election badly, with the repeal of Obamacare a major plank in their platform and the centerpiece of their campaign, that the voters gave them a mandate to defund health care reform? This is nothing short of delusional.

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