Huelskamp Lies About Obamacare and Abortion

With Michele Bachmann leaving the House after next year, Rep. Tim Huelskamp senses an opportunity to move into the upper echelon of the dumbest and most dishonest members of Congress and he is upping his game to seize the brass ring. On the Steve Deace show he argued that Obamacare should be defunded because 90% of the American people oppose a $1 surcharge for abortions — which does not exist.

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PolitiFact calls this claim “ridiculously inaccurate.” And as Right Wing Watch says, isn’t it incredible how Republicans have convinced themselves that after losing the 2012 election badly, with the repeal of Obamacare a major plank in their platform and the centerpiece of their campaign, that the voters gave them a mandate to defund health care reform? This is nothing short of delusional.

"We can't handle the inconvenient truth!* -- Republicans* Or any truth, actually."

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  • Oh my God!! Oh my God!!1!! 12 imaginary dollars a year!!! We must defund Obamacare now!!!!

  • petemoulton

    Huelskamp’s still got a long way to go to catch Louie Gohmert and either of the ridiculous Kings, but he’s giving it the ol’ college try in the race for the bottom

  • caseloweraz

    Huelskamp: Obamacare should be defunded because 90% of the American people oppose a $1 surcharge for abortions

    Oh, yeah? What’s the approval rate for Congress now? I could make a far better case for cutting Tim Huelskamp’s pay and benefits — and they’re not imaginary.

    Gallup, 17 July 2013: U.S. Congress Approval Remains Dismal

  • caseloweraz

    I think we should have a descriptive term for people like Bachmann, Huelskamp, Gohmert, King, etc. Perhaps “Kings and Queens of Absurdistan / Risibilistan.”

  • zero6ix

    But people are totally fine with spending more than a dollar a month on bombing brown people in cities that we can’t even pronounce properly. WE HAVE TO THINK OF THE NON-EXISTENT CHILDREN!

  • freehand

    Let’s offer the voters a multiple choice:

    a) $100 for their share of raising an unwanted child

    b) $0.10 for their share for an abortion

    c) $0.01 for their share of contraception costs

    How about a yes or no national referendum:

    Resolved: that federal legislators have their pay reduced to the national median for US citizens working one job full-time.

    (We’ll have to explain the definitions of “average” and “median” to the low information voters.)

  • Nihilismus

    @6 freehand

    Median is one type of average — “average” doesn’t always refer to the mean.

  • longstreet63

    That number is clearly nonsense. There’s nothing in this country that only 10% are in favor of. Republicans are proof of that.

    And, if there actually were a $1 surcharge to fund abortion services, particularly for the poor, I, and probably a good number of others, would sign right up. That ought to be an option. Make it $10.

    Of course, ideology-driven people always assume that their views, no matter how wacky, are held by the vast majority of citizens, since the majority of the people they choose to encounter do so, while only a tiny few dissenters manage to pierce their awareness. Ergo, their personal sample shows that 90% of people think exactly as they do.

    They just know that if they can explain it better, that last 10 percent will come over to their side, but the Evil Ones keep cheating them of their victory in some way.

  • exdrone


    What are we doing here? Yeah, I hear that from folks. Particularly, as you mentioned, issues of the heart …

    Isn’t Issues of the Heart a song by Rush?

    And the men who hold high places

    Must be the ones who start

    To mold a new reality

    Issues of the heart

    Issues of the heart

    Certainly, Huelskamp is molding his own reality.