Wingnut: Ellen Degeneres Disproves Need for Gay Rights

Anti-gay bigot Michael Brown went on Gordon Klingenschmitt’s internet show and made the bizarre argument that the existence of gay celebrities proves that gay people aren’t discriminated against like blacks were during segregation. Because, uh, apparently Louis Armstrong, Chuck Berry and other black celebrities didn’t exist. Or something.


About Ed Brayton

After spending several years touring the country as a stand up comedian, Ed Brayton tired of explaining his jokes to small groups of dazed illiterates and turned to writing as the most common outlet for the voices in his head. He has appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show and the Thom Hartmann Show, and is almost certain that he is the only person ever to make fun of Chuck Norris on C-SPAN.

  • Chiroptera

    I remember they used to say that gays didn’t need protection under the laws ’cause they had all the good jobs and all the disposable income. This sounds like an attempt to resurrect that.

  • CaitieCat

    Wouldn’t it be a public service to mandate a session where we could teach these people the statistical concept of the outlier?

    Yeesh. Anyone thinking Ellen isn’t way, WAY out in the skinniest part of the right tail in this distribution is probably using the word “thinking” as a loose approximation of their process.

  • Rutee Katreya

    Cesar Chavez is famous for his work in ending the mistreatment of hispanic workers, and therefore hispanic workers aren’t discriminated against at all.

    Jesus fuck, the stupid burns.

  • Alverant

    So does that mean the existence of christian celebrities mean the wingnuts will STFU about how christians are “persecuted”?

  • Mr Ed

    If gays are not being discriminated against then the law should have no effect on any one.

  • Abby Normal

    Also, Ellen rose to fame while still in the closet. She came out near the end of the fourth season of her self-titled hit show.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    The logical (sic) conclusion is that society should promote homosexuality as a path to success and financial security, right?

  • John Pieret

    So does that mean the existence of christian celebrities mean the wingnuts will STFU about how christians are “persecuted”?

    Yeah, but look who they’ve got … Chuck Norris, Kirk Cameron, Charlie Daniels, Bradlee Dean(!!) etc., etc.

    It may be self-inflicted but any group with those people as their “celebrities” is persecuted!

  • Acolyte of Sagan

    So (with apologies to the poster at #5, but your ‘nym triggered this thought) by Brown’s logic, Mr Ed is proof that horses can talk.

  • steve84


    And it nearly cost her her career. Her sitcom was quickly cancelled (thought it arguably got worse) and then she didn’t work for several years. She didn’t even get any offers. It was several years before she appeared on TV again. The industry also blacklisted the actress who played her love interest in the coming-out episode.

  • Artor

    Great! So as long as there is a single prominent Xian celebrity, then Xians aren’t being persecuted, and they can all shut the fuck up. Right?

  • pinkpixel

    The title made me think that Ellen suddenly said she was against gay rights, and I thought “WHAT?! NO! Why Ellen, why?!” And then I read the post and I thought “oh, right, this again…”

  • anubisprime

    Apart from the odd die-hard right-wing jeebus sunbeam homophobic dingleberries that believe anything they see or hear that reinforces their prejudices, ignorance and bigotry…who actually listens to such screed and regards it as sacrosanct and revelatory?

    That cannot be more then a rapidly diminishing percentage of the American public surely?

  • hunter

    How can anyone take that moustache seriously? It’s the geriatric version of gay porn from the ’70s.