The Pathfinders at a Humanist School in Uganda

Hemant has a guest post at his blog by Sean McGuire about the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda. Currently, our four young Pathfinders — Ben Blanchard, Michelle Huey, Wendy Webber and Conor Robinson — have left Cambodia and are spending a few weeks at the school helping teach the students. The school’s mission:

The school is set up on the foundation of Science and Humanism so Humanism and Free thought knowledge is taught to the learners, Humanist principles, Values and ethics are offered to our children, free inquiry and critical thinking based on science philosophy is emphasized and lessons offered are free from dogmas and indoctrinations which is prevalent in the majority of Ugandan communities. We embrace REASON and belief in things backed by empirical evidence not myths, fairy tales and allegories.

The Kasese school, run by Bwambale Robert, hopes to be moving, as they’ve purchased three plots of land and are raising money to build classrooms on them. The current school is leased, so they can’t make any changes or improvements to the property. The project also includes the Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens, which “aims at conserving tree, plant and floral species in an effort to ensure environmental sustainability,” and the Kasese United Humanist Association Library.

You can contribute to the Kasese school or to the Pathfinders project through the Foundation Beyond Belief.

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