Racist School Admins in PA Resign

This story is absolutely appalling. A school superintendent and athletic director in Coatesville, Pennsylvania resigned a few weeks ago with little indication as to why. Now we know. Using school-issued phones, they routinely sent each other texts that are so racist it will leave your jaw agape.

Superintendent Richard Como and Coatesville High School athletic director Jim Donato resigned Aug. 29 “for personal reasons” after an internal investigation by the school board revealed their love of pretty much all racial slurs.

The school board will formally vote on whether to accept or deny their resignations Tuesday. Pissed off parents and community members are pushing the board to deny the resignations and fire both administrators instead. The Coatesville School District Parents/Taxpayers Coalition is even circulating a petition demanding retirement the request not be voted upon until “any and all internal and external investigations are completed.”

The Chester County District Attorney’s Office confirmed on Sept. 20 that there is a criminal investigation underway, though no criminal charges have been filed.

The criminal investigation is apparently over information in the texts about them receiving “kickbacks” from sports camps at the school. But the transcript of the texts will make your blood boil that these guys were running a school district. A brief sample:


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  • How did those uncultured fuckheads even get hired in the first place?

  • janiceclanfield

    Typical closeted n*ggers in denial.


  • Daniel Dashwood

    Unfortunately, the majority of humans are uncultured fuckheads, so it is difficult not to scoop up batches of them when hiring. This pair was too dumb to bother keeping their racism under wraps.

  • MikeMa

    These two fools didn’t understand the texts were not private? Even after all the NSA domestic spying revelations (it was in ALL the papers) gave even the dimmest bulbs some idea that someone else could read the offensive, racist crap.

    It also seems difficult to believe that no one else knew of their vile behavior. They seem too comfortable and stupid to have kept it under wraps.

  • I wonder if we won’t hear some interesting stories in the next while from students unfortunate enough to have to deal with these creeps.

  • Who Knows?

    How did those uncultured fuckheads even get hired in the first place?

    They’re white males, that’s always an advantage. Especially in some areas.

  • Rural Pennsylvania. What more needs to be said?

  • Being a racist is generally also no hinderence in a white women getting hired.

  • Hey, guys, Gilberton, PA is only about 75 miles away and Chief Kessler could be there in an hour and a half, maybe fifty minutes with the lights and klaxon goin’, to make sure that his brothers-in-the burnin’ batshit KKKrazzee do not have THEIR 1st or 2nd Amendment rights abused by those nig–, um, those commies in Coatesvillestan!

    Oh, wait, he’s not the chief anymore* so he’ll have to use his own veekle*, to get there. And, what, you may fairly ask does Chief Kessler have to do with racist fuckwads to the south of his now DEFENSELESS township. Well, I don’t know, me, but I’m just guessing that Kessler is a racist as well as a gunznut.

    * http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/09/20/224462040/pennsylvania-police-chief-fired-months-after-video-rants?ft=1&f=1003

    * * Unless he’s got hisself oneathem KSF (KKKonstitushun SeKKKurity Force) rides

  • exdrone

    In the transcript, there are a lot of references to “Caeser”, so I take it that they are classicism teachers.

  • dogmeat

    Most of the administrators at this level are in their late 50s, more often their well into their 60s. Judging by their pictures, these two fall into that group. Means that we still have a few years before most of the bigots are truly tech savvy.

    Another thing I’ve learned in education is that while most teachers are more liberal, a large number of administrators are quite conservative with older administrators being much more so. To some degree I think it’s like the old veteran police office who “knows” everyone is a “perp.” In this case these older, racist administrators “know” every minority lives up to their bigoted stereotype.

  • I heard someone repeatedly use the Yiddish slur for black people a few weeks ago at a gathering. It was someone we didn’t know before that day. He and his wife were very casual acquaintances of someone in our group and this is the first time anyone had actually met them in an extended social situation.

    This group of friends doesn’t talk politics much; there is plenty of of other stuff we’re interested in. But the first-time visitor kept bringing up Obama and liberals, and it was clear that he was an off-the-deep-end conspiracy winger. As he’s going on, he starts salting his comments with the Yiddish slur. After he left, several in our group were shocked because they hadn’t heard anyone use that term in many years, actually none of us had. In one of our rare political discussions, we speculated on how many Tea Party types and conspiracy nuts are appalled when anyone suggests that they might be racist, while privately continuing to use the n-word and an assortment of racial epithets. I think it’s quite a few and their self-righteous denials of racism amount to: “you haven’t caught me using the n-word so I can deny being a racist, and even accuse you of racism.

    As for the guy using the Yiddish term, I guess he mistakenly thought that was somehow okay among other Jews, as long as it wasn’t the n-word. I suppose he reserves use of the n-word for consverstations with his fellow wingnuts.

  • exdrone


    Sorry, “Caesar”. Reading their posts dragged my IQ down.

  • magistramarla


    Please don’t associate classicists with these bigots. Most classicists that I know, including myself, have much more “class” than these two exhibited.

  • Artor

    These two fools didn’t understand the texts were not private?

    These two fools may not have understood that their colleagues might have been offended. Why worry about privacy?

    @Dr.X #12

    May the Schwartz be with you!

  • bourgect

    My wife worked in Coatesville for Habitat for Humanity for a couple of years. I wouldn’t call it rural, it is really an outlying suburb of Philadelphia, out past the last stop on one of the lines. It’s an old steel town that has seen better days. Most of the town is economically depressed. unfortunately it has a history of racism.

  • MikeMa


    Coatesville is rural but not THAT far out in the boonies I don’t think. Pretty close to West Chester & King of Prussia. They had to know someone would take offense but maybe not.

    @Dr X

    The last time I remember hearing the term schwartze (I think the ‘e’ at the end is right) was my 100+ year old grandmother. No point in challenging her to find a better attitude and I don’t really think she used it in any derogatory way. It was a word she grew up with. Today it sounds demeaning and ‘other making’ so the new acquaintances either live in a time bubble or are covering up their racism with a sheer veil.

  • unbound

    How did those uncultured fuckheads even get hired in the first place?

    The few that I’ve known are actually very well behaved and pleasant in all other aspects of their lives. In fact, the most intelligent engineer I’ve ever known helped me learn a lot of things and actively helped everyone else, including minorities. But he firmly believed that minorities were inferior. It was (and still is) stunning to me that he had such a huge gap in this area of his personality, and I did spend a lot of time arguing with him, but to no avail.

  • Dr. X:

    “As for the guy using the Yiddish term, I guess he mistakenly thought that was somehow okay among other Jews, as long as it wasn’t the n-word. I suppose he reserves use of the n-word for consverstations with his fellow wingnuts.”

    The fact that the guy was comfortable spewing his racist and teabaggistanic bullshit indicates, to me, that he prolly thinks anyone who doesn’t slap him down when he’s doing the shit spewing must be in agreement. I would disabuse him of the notion, toot sweet!

  • The thing is, their comments aren’t even funny. Even if I were a racist, I wouldn’t find that conversation entertaining. It’s just mind-numbingly dumb.

  • bones

    I heard it said by somebody from PA that many consider their state to be “Philly on one end, Pittsburgh on the other, Alabama in the middle.”

  • pilch62

    Since they’re enjoying themselves so much with their little racist jokes, I’m sure Messrs. Como and Donato wouldn’t mind the rest of us doing the same and replacing their little racial epithet with, I dunno, maybe . . . wop. Or guinea. Or dago. Then we could all join in the joke . . .

  • barry21

    Guys, settle down! I’m SURE we’re just taking the recurring, blatantly-racist klonversation out of context. I’m sure they both have alcohol and prescription painkiller addictions, and they’ll be entering rehab by the end of this week. They really just want to spend more time with their families.

  • “They really just want to spend more time with their families.’

    Don’t their families have any say in the matter?