‘Coach’ Dave Defends Fred Phelps

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire gives another one of his excessively shouty diatribes on Youtube and it’s even worse than usual. He actually defends Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church and says that God may have called him to do exactly what he’s doing.


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  • If “God may have called [Phelps] to do exactly what he’s doing,” then I am reconfirmed as an atheist: no deity worthy of my reverence would be so hateful.

  • sqlrob

    no deity worthy of my reverence would be so hateful.

    Which says nothing about the existence thereof.


    //Proof of god still wouldn’t make me worship him

  • bryanfeir

    Fred Clark said a few years ago that the one great thing about Fred Phelps is that the man is a living, breathing demonstration that all the Christian persecution fantasies about being rounded up for their anti-gay views are just that, fantasies. After all, if Phelps is still walking around a free man, it’s got to be damn difficult to get on the ’rounded up’ list.

  • caseloweraz

    So maybe Coach Dave’s claim of being spiritually sodomized was valid, but he just got the name of the guilty party wrong.

  • exdrone

    In Coach Dave’s rock-paper-scissors theory of moral philosophy, “God called on me to do this” beats “I judge this to be an immoral thing”.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Devout Christians like the Coach regard themselves as spokespersons for God himself. Their thoughts and words are God’s thoughts and words. They cannot deliver an incorrect message because God would never allow them to deliver an incorrect message – so everything they say is correct. By definition, it cannot be wrong.

  • Well, this demonstrates pretty well why I don’t like the “Judge not lest you be judged” defense people use against bigoted Christians. Yeah, it might be effective in the short term (well, not really most of the time), but it really is terrible advice if you want to go after actual immoral stuff.

  • marym

    If you look at the number of hits televangelist wannabe Dave’s video’s get, you’ll see that he averages in the 300 range. And if you look at the comments, you’ll see that a percentage of his viewers are definitely not fans. Dave, who has modestly claimed that he doesn’t know why little old him was “anointed” (his word), never seems to ask himself why his almighty god would anoint someone whose ministry has been so unsuccessful.

    Everything that he tried has failed. His Christian youth football camp which he hoped would eventually spread “all across the Midwest” , well, there was one camp held and that was it. As for his Christian weekend boot camps for men: http://coachdavebootcamps.com/ He held three of those about two years ago and there have been none since. Several Christian youth leadership seminars over the years have been poorly attended and quickly dropped. Last year he got fired from his football coaching job at a Christian school for being too “divisive”. Dave has always had issues with authority and has quit several previous teaching/coaching jobs because he couldn’t get along with the administration.

    He has admitted on his former radio show (the station cancelled his show early this year) that few churches in Ohio will invite him to speak anymore. His extreme fundamentalism is a real turnoff. And what really turns people off is the anti-abortion protests he brings to schools. The gruesome posters of supposedly aborted fetuses and the pamphlets he hands out to school kids as they get off the bus piss off parents who don’t want the issue shoved in their kids’ faces without parental consent. http://www.jillstanek.com/2012/05/abortion-supporters-conduct-project-detour-around-pro-life-protest/

    He’s a bottom feeder who associates with wingnuts like Allen Keyes, Peter LaBarbara, John Freshwater, and Judge Roy Moore. You are known by the company you keep.

    Ask yourself this, ex-Coach Dave: Why would your god choose to speak through a loser like you?

  • “God may have called [Phelps] to do exactly what he’s doing,”

    Well, that would explain why I always feel so good about living the way I do, it’s GOD’s will”, or maybe it’s just GOD swill–I can’t really see any difference.

    Coach Dave:

    Is that a Swiss Army Knife hat? If so it the Wenger, manufacturers of the GENUINE Swiss Army Knife or the Victorinox, manufacturers of the OTHER GENUINE Swiss Army Knife?

    You know what would be really cool, Dave? It would be really cool if you had a Jagermeister hat*. It’s got that cross and a cool pic of a buck with an awesome rack! You’d be able to attract KKKristians, sportsmen and gunzloonz with ONE frikiin’ logo!!

    * http://us.search.yahoo.com/search?ei=utf-8&fr=vmn&type=zg-search.startnow.com-1_0-zg-rp-rp&p=jagermeister+logo