Corvino and Being Treated Like a Virus

John Corvino, a philosophy professor from Wayne State University who has become one of the most eloquent voices for LGBT equality in the country, was invited, then uninvited, then reinvited to speak at Providence College, a Catholic university. He acknowledges completely that, as a private college, they can decide who can and can’t speak at the school. But he points out how shoddy the whole thing was:

First, on academic freedom, a concept that is easily distorted: I believe that a Catholic college—indeed, any college—has the right to choose speakers who comport with its mission. Obviously, academic freedom does not mean that I may speak wherever I want: I have to be invited.

I was invited to Providence College. On February 16 of this year Professor Christopher Arroyo, with the support of multiple departments, invited me to give a lecture on same-sex marriage, and we set a date for September 26. Last Saturday Provost Hugh Lena abruptly cancelled the lecture. So the concern here is not my academic freedom, but that of the nine Providence College department or program heads who were suddenly overruled by the provost, on the basis of a policy that he has since admitted is written nowhere. Moreover, Provost Lena decided that one of his own faculty members, Professor Dana Dillon, was unsuitable as a respondent for me. As Professor Fred Drogula, President of the Faculty Senate, pointedly asks, “Is the Administration henceforth to rule on whether and when each of us is prepared to speak in our areas of expertise?”

A fair question. I imagine the department heads are none too happy about this.

In his “rescheduling” statement yesterday, Provost Lena (quite rightly) apologizes to Professor Arroyo and Professor Dillon. As for me, he simply says that the decision to cancel “had nothing to do with Dr. Corvino.” But of course, I am the person whose visit he abruptly canceled, in an e-mail sent on Saturday to faculty. In two decades of public speaking, at over 200 college campuses, I have never felt quite so bounced around.

Yesterday a friend asked me how I was doing, and I responded that the media attention was exhausting. “Yes,” he pressed, “But how are you doing? You were uninvited to speak. That seems hurtful, even if not intentionally personal.”

The truth is that it’s difficult not to feel as if the Providence College administration regards me as a sort of virus, which might infect students if not blocked by some administration-approved surgical mask. This feeling is sadly familiar, to me and to any gay person. It is the malaise of the closet, the notion that some features of oneself are unspeakable. I am the Other. And if I feel that way, I can only imagine how young gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender Providence College students must feel. It is for them that I remain most concerned.

A very good point.

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  • I just read John’s recent book What’s Wrong with Homosexuality?, which is very clear and forceful, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in these issues.

  • Trebuchet

    You have to wonder if the provost didn’t get pressured by some bishop or other, who had just found out about the event.

  • colnago80

    Obviously, academic freedom does not mean that I may speak wherever I want: I have to be invited.

    This seems to be a problem, particularly on the right. You have freedom of speech which does not mean that anyone is obligated to provide you with a platform.

  • otrame

    In case anyone is interested, Corvino has a series of videos on YouTube. He is funny as hell and does a great job of showing why homophobia is so ridiculous.

  • anubisprime


    he points out how shoddy the whole thing was

    From a Catholic based perspective they tend to revel in ‘shoddy’…it is what they do!

  • Pierce R. Butler

    … I can only imagine how young gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender Providence College students must feel.

    Those not overwhelmed with abusive childhood conditioning probably feel an acute case of apostasy coming on.