Exxon to Offer Some Marriage Benefits

After refusing a few months ago to even pass a shareholder resolution to offer discrimination protection for LGBT employees, Exxon has now decided to offer benefits to same-sex partners in those states that recognize such marriages as legal.

Exxon says it will begin offering benefits to legally married same-sex couples in the U.S. for the first time as of Oct. 1.

The company says it will recognize “all legal marriages” when it determines eligibility for health care plans for the company’s 77,000 employees and retirees in the U.S.

That means if a gay employee has been married in a state or country where gay marriage is legal, his or her spouse will be eligible for benefits with Exxon starting next year.

As Right Wing Watch notes, it will be interesting to hear what Tony Perkins has to say about this. A few months ago, when the company’s shareholders refused discrimination protection, he absurdly claimed that Exxon’s stock was doing well because of their anti-gay policies.

At ExxonMobil, shareholders put their stock in something other than political correctness. Hello, I’m Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. It won’t change the price of gas, but it may comfort you to know that at ExxonMobil, your business isn’t fueling the homosexual agenda. For the 14th straight year, ExxonMobil refused to add special protections for sexual orientation in its employment policy. And while the outcome wasn’t a surprise, the margin of victory certainly was. By a four-to-one ratio, shareholders said “no,” shocking liberals and bolstering other companies under pressure from corporate bullies. Liberals say these kinds of views can affect your bottom line — and they’d be right! ExxonMobil is coming off its second-biggest profit year ever. The company’s shares rose 2% last year, as more investors flock to an organization unafraid to take a stand. Maybe Exxon’s courage will help other companies drill down on their priorities. Until then, at least this gas company is keeping our values in the pipeline.

Yeah, their stock couldn’t be doing well because high gas prices have led to the largest profits in the history of the world the last few years. It has to be the bigotry that’s doing it. Seriously, wingnuts just don’t seem to ever care about logic or facts. Any argument that supports their ideological position will be made, no matter how stupid it is.

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