Fischer: Japan Bans Mosques and Qurans

Bryan Fischer, never one to be bothered by pesky things like facts, claimed on his radio show on Monday that Japan does not allow mosques, Qurans or Muslim immigration. That is, of course, completely false. He apparently got a chain email making that claim and repeated it without using that newfangled Google thingy. And of course, he supports that idea and wishes America would do the same thing that Japan isn’t doing.


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  • stever

    So is he stupid or does he enjoy lying for Jeebus?

  • voidhawk

    It’s always frustrating when you spend hundreds of thousands on something which doesn’t exist…

  • grumpyoldfart

    I reckon he checked the story immediately; discovered it was untrue, and then said “Fuck it, I’m going to use it anyway. Why throw away a perfectly good story just because it’s not true?”

  • Alverant



  • Larry

    He knows that the rubes who make up his audience will never know and it tickles their hatred gland so its all good. Truthiness doesn’t matter when you’re dumpster-diving for dollars.

  • eamick

    I’m surprised he would follow the lead of Buddhist/Shinto heathens. Why does he hate Jesus?

  • The Japanese ‘crown jewels’ – a sword, a mirror, and an orb – supposedly once belonged to the Goddess Amaterasu. Good, Christ-fearing country. 😀

  • @7:

    Nevermind the option given to then christians when the Togukawa shogunate closed Japan to foreigners in the 1600’s–lose JESUS or emulate his sacrifice.

    Bryan Fischer, Bryan Fischer…where have I seen that name before? (democommie shifts and sifts 3 foot tall stacks of Twinkies wrappers, Big Mac boxes and assorted receipts from the $Store–everything is fucking deductible if you’re a corporate person!–ah, here it is!!).

    So, according to a scribbled note from some guy, Sgt. Studenko?, surveilling the Bek Group back in the early 90s, a guy who was prolly Fischer was observed buying 2 gross of these*. He said that they were for a party at Bek’s house that night. Do I have any proof that he was also involved in the alleged abduction of GOD knows how many nubile and virile adolescent orphans who were rumored to have been kidnapped, abused, murdered and eaten? Not a bit, but it’s the thought that counts!!


  • Japan’s Christian population is something like one percent, and the impression I get, from the little I’ve read on the subject, is that evangelism is little more than an amusing foreign quirk to most Japanese, and not something that’s particularly effective.

  • exdrone

    Something tells me that a Japanese version of Bryan Fischer (not to suggest any prevalence of this view) would declare Bryan Fischer a gaijin and wish to restrict him from immigrating. I hope he’s fine with that.

  • Moggie

    Well, you know, Jesus lived and died in Japan, so it makes sense for a Christian to admire them.

  • dan4

    It’s a bigger deal that Fischer approves of such mythical restrictions than the fact that they don’t happen to exist in the first place.