Brazilian Women Arrested for Kissing

Two women were arrested in Brazil for kissing during an evangelical Christian rally, and it was done on the order of a congressman in that country. Congressmen can order people to be arrested? Wow. Worse yet, the guy is the chairman of the House Commission on Human Rights and Minorities.

Two young women were jailed by order of Brazilian congressman Pastor Marco Feliciano after kissing during the evangelical event Glorifica Litoral in the city of São Sebastião in the north of São Paulo on Sunday, September 15, 2013.

Feliciano, who is also a congressman and president of the House Commission for Human Rights and Minorities [en], stopped his presentation during the gospel festival, which bills itself as an “evangelical social-cultural week”, to request the municipal guards and military police officers present arrest the two young women.

“Those two girls have to leave here handcuffed. No use trying to run, guards are headed there now. This here isn’t palace where anything goes, It’s the house of God,” he said into the microphone.

But this did not take place in a church on private property, it took place in a public square. They were arrested under Article 208 of the Brazilian Penal Code, which forbids doing anything that makes it a crime “to mock someone publicly for reason of belief or religious function.”

"Never thought they would, that is not how these assholes run."

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  • This is the plot of every adult movie I own.

  • Really tells you something about a religion when a public display of affection between two adults is seen as “mocking” it.

  • michaelbrew, to be fair, they aren’t in much favor of it in private, either.

  • Abby Normal

    Arresting people for kissing? Well, I guess if the mountain won’t come to Mohamed, he’ll just have to make one out of a molehill. Still, thank you Congressman Feliciano for brining international attention to the plight of homosexuals in your country.

  • I’m reminded of UK television and radio presenter Graham Norton’s pithy comment at the Eurovision Song Contest, referring to Turkey’s threat to boycott the event if Finland’s entrants went ahead with a song and dance routine that ended with a female-female kiss:

    “If you’re offended by two ladies kissing, you need to grow up”.

  • colnago80

    Re Abby Normal @ #4

    Wait a minute here, same sex marriage is recognized legally in Brazil.

  • Sastra

    No use trying to run, guards are headed there now.

    Uh oh — I don’t like the tone he’s using here. It sounds like he’s mocking them. In public. For reason of belief or religious function.

    It’s not nice to mock.

  • Wait a minute here, same sex marriage is recognized legally in Brazil.</blockquote<

    And? Does being legally able to get married mean you have no "plight" when a kiss in public can get you arrested?

  • Abby Normal

    Re: colnago80 @6

    And yet a couple can be arrested for kissing in public. I’m shocked to discover that a country recognizing same-sex marriage doesn’t put an end to all forms anti-LGBT of discrimination within the nation’s borders. Shocked!

  • mikeym

    How could the government possibly afford to incarcerate a brazillion women?!

  • exdrone

    As bad as the homophobia angle of this story is, the scariest thought I had was, “What if Tea Party congress people had the power of arrest?”

  • Crudely Wrott

    Irony, thy name is Feliciano.

    Which itself is ironic.

    Wheels withing wheels, worlds within worlds, ironies within ironies.

    Where does it all end?

    Way out yonder, I reckon. Waaaaaaayyy out yonder.