Gingrich: Obama Refusal to Cave is Unconstitutional

Newt Gingrich, who manufactured the last government shutdown and ended up causing enormous damage to his own party and getting dumped as speaker, says that Obama’s refusal to cave to House Republicans and do everything they ask is a violation of the Constitution and “very dangerous to our freedoms.” Someone remind me why anyone listens to Gingrich on anything at this point?


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  • Someone remind me why anyone listens to Gingrich on anything at this point?”

    Sure, he’s an asshole, but he’s an asshole who tells other assholes what they want to hear.

  • Do these blathering idiots have any understanding AT ALL about how the federal government works? Are they really so stupid as to not understand that it was the Senate rejecting the House’s extortion demands, and that as a matter of constitutional process, the President’s only role has been as a sideline observer?

    Don’t bother answering, those were rhetorical questions.

  • scienceavenger

    Because he’s the Straussian king? I mean, come on, the guy’s a serial adulterer who parades his latest trophy proudly while simultaneously leading the charge for a more moral America. That doesn’t happen by accident. Clearly much of it is pure political calculation. I don’t believe he believes half of what he claims he believes. I wouldn’t take him lightly at the poker table.

  • [Newt]

    Aaaaah… “The Constitution” is the Bible and “the founding fathers” are so many Saints. Magic thinking from thereon out.

    I am slowly starting to see how this works.

  • DaveL

    Do these blathering idiots have any understanding AT ALL about how the federal government works?

    No, not really. You’ll never get them to describe it this way in so many words, but from their criticisms I can only deduce that they think the President is some kind of elected king, and that his desk has a series of levers which are labeled things like “Jobs”, “God”, “Gays”, and “Socialism”.

  • cptdoom

    Obama refuses to deal with the Congress as an equal? So when he invited the leaders of both houses to talks at the White House he was … well, I don’t know? And if it’s unlike and American President to act like Obama, how is it Constitutional for the House to refuse to compromise with the Senate on a budget bill. Since the beginning of the Boehner Speakership we have not had a federal budget, just a series of Continuing Resolutions. The Senate this year alone requested – 18 TIMES! – for a budget conference with the House and they refused. Then the House GOP leadership decided to have a photo opp in a conference room claiming the Senate refused to meet with them. This would be laughable if it weren’t such a big deal.

  • He has the power, he just needs to wield it:

    “The President shall have Power to order Senators and Representatives from his own Party to agree to whatever the opposing Party deems appropriate.

    — Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution (Revised King James Version)

  • hunter

    DaveL #5:

    That’s what they’re after — that’s the whole point of the “permanent majority” (Except it’s going to be a Republican president — just ask them.)

    As for the “elected” part — we’ve seen that story a lot in the last few decades — the Soviet Union, the Philippines, Indonesia, too many countries in Latin America and Africa: they’ve had “elections” and somehow the ruling party always wins by a landslide.

  • @DaveL #5 – Which begs the question: if the President has effective totalitarian power, what is the point of having a Congress? Or do Republicans actually believe that they are nothing more than slimy leeches with no purpose whatsoever?

  • raven

    Gingrich is just lying here. He knows the Democrats control the senate and Obama was elected twice by a margin of millions of votes.

    This is the guy who takes in millions of dollars in his PACs and never spends it on anything but himself. Just a scammer at this point.

  • raven

    OT but not by much and IMO.

    1. The GOP has found a major flaw in our constitution. One party gaining control of just one part, the Senate or House can shut down the USA and destroy it. This gridlock can go on until the US defaults during the next human made crisis, the budget ceiling.

    If that happens, interest rates go up, the dollar dies, we go into recession, and the world gets it too.

    2. There is no mechanism in the constitution to stop this.

    3. In a parlimentary system, Obama would simply dissolve the House and call for new elections. The voters would get to decide whether we continue as a Democracy and what happens next. In the USA we have to wait until the end of 2014 or try to recall petition enough Tea Partiers. Or just die and see what crawls out of the wreckage, at this point, an entirely possible scenario.

    4. The Oogedy Boogedies always claim the US constitution was based on the bible and written by jesus and so on. It wasn’t and that is just as well. It would mean the Sky Monsters did what they did in Genesis. Produced flawed creatures in a flawed world. So much for being all powerful and omniscient.

  • kantalope

    The hard part in all this is that republican words don’t seem to have the same meaning as they traditionally have, for instance:

    compromise for the president means: caving completely

    compromise for the repubs means: doing exactly what they want

    treating congress as an equal branch of government, for the president means: holding the door open and offering drinks

    treating the president as an equal branch of government, for the repubs in the house means: telling the president what to do

    representing your voters, for the house means: doing anything to get your way

    representing your voters, for the democrats means: well, nothing. Democrats, by definition are only elected through fraud.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Prayer fails again

    Senate Chaplain Barry Black opened Friday’s business with a plea for God to “give our lawmakers the vision and the willingness to see and to do your will.”

    “Remove from them that stubborn pride which imagines itself to be above and beyond criticism. Forgive them for the blunders they have committed, infusing them with the courage to admit and correct mistakes,” Black said.

  • laurentweppe

    Someone remind me why anyone listens to Gingrich on anything at this point?

    Right-wing voters who want somewhat to cater to their coup d’état fantasies

  • naturalcynic

    On the debt ceiling…

    Maybe it’s time for the president to assert the constitutional authority to raise it by fiat. There is no authority given to any entity to appropriate [or not] money to pay the US debt – it simply will be paid.

    14th Amendment, Section 4: The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned…

    Failure to make funds available is simply unconstitutional and might be construed as insurrection. 200 or so Republican members of the House doing a perpwalk might be amusing.

  • raven

    @15 Good call.

    I didn’t know that although now that you copied that, I’ve heard that before.

    If the US defaults on our debts, the bonds that the Chinese and Japanese, among others, hold, that would wreck the USA and take a good chunk of the world with it. The world currency, the dollar, would crash and everyone else would start using other currencies. Plus, a US and world recession. Again.

    It does look like the 14th amendment covers that and even the US Supreme court would agree.

    Obama should just do it, take it to the Supreme court and be done with the attempt to wreck the USA.

    PS I’m more than a little spooked by all this. Like virtually all Americans, if the US goes down, we go down with it. All our accounts are in…US dollars.

  • raven

    IMO, just guessing of course, what will end all of this, if anything, is pressure from Wall Street and the corporations, Big Business.

    1. If the Tea Party/GOP gets its way, the US economy and dollar crashes big time.

    2. If that happens, we citizens all go down with the ship.

    I don’t think they care if we do. I call them nihilists just vandalizing because they can. But it’s that and more than that, an attempted coup d’etat by hostage taking.

    3. But Wall Street and the corporations go down too. And they have a huge amount of power in this country just because they have huge amounts of money to throw around.

  • Ichthyic

    so… refusing to cave to extortion is REDUCING our freedom?


    Gingrich is an old-school made man.

  • John Pieret

    Wall Street could stop this. All the fat cats have to do is whisper in Republican ears that anyone who votes against or otherwise blocks raising the debt ceiling will be facing a primary opponent and a general election opponent each with a $10 million war chest to start with. They could take the $400 million out of pertty cash.

    However, I doubt it will be necessary. Boner Boehner did it once before and, If push comes to shove, he’ll probably bring the bill on the debt limit to the floor and let the sane(er) Republicans and the Democrats pass it.

  • @Raven:

    “Gingrich is just lying here.”


    The man is a cancer on American politics, an absolutely disgraceful excuse for a human being. The word psychopath is tossed into the conversation a bit too casually these days, but in his case, I wonder. Gingrich doesn’t merely lie easily; he lies with enthusiasm. I think he enjoys lying.

  • felidae

    And when Newt meets the Grim Reaper, we can all rejoice and say NO NEWT IS GOOD NEWS