‘Ex-Gays’ Mount Tiny Lobby Day

Like their spectacularly unsuccessful press conference and rally on Capitol Hill a few weeks ago, where only a handful of “ex-gays” showed up, their first lobby day was equally a failure as only about 15 people showed up to lobby members of Congress on…well, something. It’s not exactly clear what.

Despite claims that “there are more ex-gay people in the world than there are gay people in the world” and that there are “thousands of ex-gays” ready to march on Washington and make their voices heard, ex-gay gatherings always seem to assemble just a small handful of people. And it’s always the exact same people.

Ex-Gay Awareness Month, which immediately followed the disastrous Ex-Gay Pride Month lobby day, managed to muster “about 15 ex-gay activists to lobby Capitol Hill” yesterday.

*knock on door* “Excuse me, Congressman, do you have time to talk about Jesus and how he magically cured me of being gay? Oh, he’s in a meeting? Okay.”

“Gay activists have actually paved the way for us,” said Christopher Doyle, president of Voice of the Voiceless. “We need to scream and yell for equality and justice for all. We can no longer afford to be on the defensive.”

The difference is that gay people actually are discriminated against and treated unjustly. Details, details.

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  • tuibguy

    I am trying to imagine what they may actually lobby for. I got nothing, and it isn’t worth my time to come up with something.

  • hunter

    One thing the “ex-gays” never want to seem to address is the conundrum, if you’re no longer gay, that means you’re straight, right? So, explain to me how straight people are discriminated against.

  • …“about 15 ex-gay activists to lobby Capitol Hill”

    It must be a big tent if they can get former gay activists to start lobbying again.

    We need to scream and yell for equality and justice for all.”

    Finally, someone is standing up for the right to not be gay. Take that, squares!

  • Is this a case of persecution envy?

  • trucreep

    @2 hunter,

    I’d imagine they’d say things like “we’re being called bigots for expressing our views!”

  • dingojack

    Ex Gay: We think that being gay is a wrong, evil and against nature.

    Others: And I think you’re a bigot.

    Ex-Gay: Oooh you’re oppressing me!

    Others: No, I’m expressing my opinion of what you said. Surely that can’t be wrong?

    Ex-Gay: Yes it is! You’re trying to demonise me to stop me from expressing my opinion.

    Others: What, like by stating that you’re ‘wrong, evil and against nature’ you mean?

    Ex-Gay: No! you don’t get to say I’m wrong, evil or against nature! Be quiet! That’s bigotry! You don’t get to speak.

    Others: QED.


  • I wonder how well “ex-gays” are actually treated by their co-religionists. Given that some preachers compare being gay to things like pedophilia and alcoholism I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a lot of mistrust towards them, with people watching their every move for the tiniest sign they might be “backsliding.”

  • dingojack

    Surely, if ‘Ex-Gays’ were considered to be truly equivalent to paedophiles, churches would be lining up to hire them for their youth programs. Hell, they would even go out of their way not to disclose the ‘Ex-Gay’s’ (hypothetical) illegal activities to the police.

    [Which are the real monsters. Discuss.]


  • Members of the tiny group all carried tiny violins and played an instrumental version of Over the Rainbow.

  • dingojack

    I thought they played Hearts and Flowers on those teeny-tiny violins, just for themselves.

    🙂 Dingo

  • Out of the fifteen who did show up, I’m prepared to bet that at least 14 of them were journalists.

  • Ack, wow, I just realized how that could be misinterpreted. I meant journalists there to cover the “event”, not “ex-gay” journalists.

  • Francisco Bacopa

    The problem with ex-gays is that they are envious. They envy well-adjusted gay people living decent and happy lives. They want the ability to make as many of those who can be made miserable the way they are as miserable as they are.

  • I am trying to imagine what they may actually lobby for.

    Funding of “reparative therapy” programs and other such scams? Or maybe some sort of laws to make it harder for gay people to show they’re human and undermine all the conditioning they spent so much money on?

    …the disastrous Ex-Gay Pride Month lobby day…

    “Ex-gay pride?” How can any such thing exist when the whole movement is driven by shame?

  • I wonder how many out of the 15 hooked up later that evening.

  • vmanis1

    It’s easy to sneer at `ex-gays’, but in my experience, they fall into two groups, a small group of cynical grifters, and a much larger group of individuals who are so desperate to be not-gay that they are willing to deny the evidence of their own senses and their own experience in order to believe that they aren’t gay. I find those people not at all laugh-provoking, but just very sad.

  • cptdoom

    @dingojack #6 – to quote Julie Brown’s “‘Cause I’m a blonde”:

    Man: “Quod erat demonstrandum baby”

    Blonde: “Oh you speak French.”

    @vmanis1 – as someone who was in your latter group I can’t agree more. It is nearly impossible to describe the self-hate involved in being “ex-gay,” particularly when you know the change isn’t working. I spent many a Sunday praying for God to either “fix” me or kill me. To encourage that level of shame in others is inexcusable.

  • robnyny

    No on ever seems to want their daughter to marry an ex gay. Ex gays are supposed to marry ex lesbians. Right?

  • DaveL

    I saw that headline and thought “who names their son ‘Lobby’?”

  • dingojack

    DaveL – G.Gordon LiddY?