Beck: Obama Starting Marxist Revelution, to Kill Millions

Here’s Glenn Beck on another one of his epic rants, tying the closing of monuments in Washington due to the government shut down to Obama’s alleged Marxist revolution and they’re going to start shooting people and millions will be killed. Seriously, he said that.


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  • These idiots shut down the government, then get pissed and all conspiratorial when they realize that HEY! THE GOVERNMENT IS SHUT DOWN!

    “Idiot” doesn’t even begin to describe them.

  • Maureen Brian

    I want a full film crew standing by the day Beck first meets an actual Marxist.

  • raven

    Beck: Obama Starting Marxist Revelation, to Kill Millions

    Well good.

    It’s always nice when someone like Beck hands video evidence that they are false prophets just selling fear and hate. You know this will never happen and never disappear off the internet either.

    And we all know who shut down the government and why. The christofascist racists of the Tea Party.

  • Mr Ed

    For people who love the Constitution so much they are a bit weak on who sets the spending.

  • anubisprime

    Like a kid at summer camp, at night in the tent with a torch and an imagination to scare the younger kids!

  • frankb

    Setting more chips on the table, nudge becoming a shove, wanting to create more harm? That is what the GOP is doing. Glenn always gets it backwards.

  • janiceclanfield

    So just when are these millions of ‘merkins going to die?

    I’ve been waiting and waiting and so far, no luck.

    Could it be the crazies have it all wrong?

    Golly, I was hoping to move into a free house somewhere in ‘merika.


  • Rip Steakface

    Since when is the point of Marxist “revelations” killing millions? Sure, it’s commonly a side effect (Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, North Korea… not Cuba though, only ~5000 dead there), but at the very least, the rhetoric is centered around the seizing of the means of production by the people working it, not for the sake of murder. Marxists are not cultists of the Blood God Khorne.

  • A propos of nothing: Beck’s mother sure dresses him funny — get a load of that shirt and tie!

  • bahrfeldt

    Yeah. Revelation works wonders for the flock fleecing tea bags.

  • frankb

    Sure, it’s commonly a side effect (Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, North Korea

    Humm…I missed the part where Marxists killed millions in Vietnam. Citation please.

  • Given that literally, nothing that Nostradumbass has predicted has ever come true, when exactly will be stop paying attention to him?

  • zenlike

    Humm…I missed the part where Marxists killed millions in Vietnam. Citation please.

    No no, you misunderstood: because they were turning Marxist, the USA had to kill millions in that case. The root cause is still Marxists. Or something.

  • exdrone

    Beck (@ 0:36):

    Any sane, non-psychotic person says …

    So he can recognize them?

  • Glennie:

    Don’t fall for it. The whole thing is a ruse. Allathem black helicopters and nancybooted jackthugs that Obamandigo is siccin’ on the country? They got ONE target pal, it’s YOU!!


  • Is Glennie’s latest “look” calculated to make him look more “KKKrazzee Uncle Fritz” than Brian Fischer? Is it because they’re fighting over the demographic?