Fischer: Obama Wants to Arrest WWII Veterans

Bryan Fischer turns the right wing demagoguery up to 11 by claiming that President Obama wishes he could arrest all the World War II vets who want to visit memorials during the shutdown. And then he flat out lied and claimed that Obama sent more guards to stop vets from visiting the memorial than he sent to Benghazi.


ABC News already debunked that last lie when Rand Paul first uttered it. Not that either Paul or Fischer cares whether it’s true or not. If it makes Obama look bad, it must be true.


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  • Mr Ed

    NPR had George Will on this morning who claimed Obama doesn’t understand separation of powers. Bit of projection. The executive branch can not spend money, no matter how good or noble the cause, that Congress has approved.

  • unbound

    On the positive side, the antics of people like Fischer make soap operas look much better in comparison…


  • I went into Syracuse for a “sleep study” last night and the guy who hooked me up and monitored my sleep was a low information voter, seriously low, like if he was an automobile engine, he’da seized a long time ago. Anyhoo,, he said it’s ALL Obama’s fault–EVERYTHING that’s happened since he took office. He also said that he doesn’t believe in wealth redistribution–and he works for the VA? He says if you want to work you have the right to keep your money and if you don’t want to work you have the right to starve. He also said we need unions because otherwise workers get screwed (I guess it’s not by those people that are just “working to get ahead and keeping what’s theirs”). And, THEN, he said we need to stop going to war and sending all of our money overseas and stop paying farmers to not grow crops because we NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN POOR AND HUNGRY PEOPLE. Plus, he said, Obama’s goal is to put more and more people on the “government teat(*” and break the backs of the working man.

    How can you argue with someone that breathtakingly ill-informed? I did not tell him that he was a fucking moron because, well, I didn’t want to wake up in Area 51 with no internal organz, so there!

    * He was actually a nice man, just not very bright, so I didn’t tell him that “government” is a pronunciation that would get you shot in the People’s Republic of Teabagchea–because it would indicate that you been schooled up.

  • eric

    I never understood why there were gates around it in the first place. It’s an open-air stone memorial in a large public space. Heck, except for two small cupolas it doesn’t even have a roof. Park Service furlough should naturally lead to open access. Maybe a sign that says “Government in shut down – visit at your own risk” to address liability.

    Evidently the park service also put barriers up around the MLK memorial before they went on furlough too, which is equally nonsensical – it’s just a statue on a pedestal in a park. WTF park service?

  • Olav

    Eric, I suppose parks and monuments must also be maintained and protected from vandalism and such?

    “Visit at own risk” may not be possible if the park service has a legal obligation to guarantee safety for visitors.

    Just guessing, I am not American.

  • dogmeat


    Odds are good they had some sort of guideline that stated they were supposed to put up barricades. Whether it was even specifically for the shutdown or related to some other sort of limitation of access, it’s hard to say.

    After the incident with graffiti at the Lincoln Memorial, odds are good they implemented some minimal level of security at other monuments. Without any evidence or specific knowledge, I would suspect that some of these actions were related to that in concert with the shutdown.

  • Randomfactor

    Yeah, I’d give it half an hour before some clown spraypainted “Noboma is a n*ggre” over the monument if it were opened with no patrols.

  • eric

    @6: I doubt very much any plaintiff would win a suit against the Park Service for not keeping them safe when the NPS is furloughed.

    @6-@8: the vandalism issue…I can see in theory how restricting access to prevent damage could be a reasonable policy. In practice, the WWII memorial barricades were waist high. They clearly had no real ability to deter vandals. That sort of fencing-off is a nonsensical action, even if the goal is sensible. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

  • magistramarla

    Eric – I listened to a great explanation about this on the radio.

    Vandalism is a concern, but there is also the possibility that our national symbols might be targets for terrorists. The barricades might not be very high, but there are definitely people there guarding who are out of sight, just not the number of guards that would be present when the general public is present.

    I would think that veterans ought to have some respect for those who are guarding despite not being paid this month, as well as those who have been furloughed.

  • eric

    there are definitely people there guarding who are out of sight, just not the number of guards that would be present when the general public is present.

    Okay…so then why have the waist-high fences? What do the fences, specifically, add?

  • What are “privately-owned national parks”?

  • exdrone


    Sometimes, parks and monuments have hours of operations to prevent vagrancy. The physical barriers are a positive demonstration of when the monument/park is open. They don’t so much prevent people from entering as provide evidence that you are consciously contravening the regulations, as opposed to wandering in by accident, if they decide to arrest you for trespassing.

  • caseloweraz

    I’m pretty sure everything is covered by video surveillance too, so there would be quick reaction to anyone crossing a barrier.