Robertson Gets Testy Over Question

The segment of the 700 Club when Pat Robertson answers questions from readers is usually when he spouts his dumbest stuff and he got downright irritated when someone wrote in to ask why he never prayed for severed limbs to be regrown. He claims he’s seen it happen before, but I’m sure if you demanded documentation for any of those cases there would be some excuse why he doesn’t have any.


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  • wneroaster

    I’m surprised they even put that question up. It’s almost like somebody in the control room was f’ing with him.

  • kantalope

    Can I take 95 seconds of Pat’s stupid? Click or not to click….tough decision.

    I’m sure this is how Pat remembers limbs regrowing: at about 1:40

  • eric

    @1 – Yup.

    Though a better question would be why Pat would ever need to. An amputee coming to Robertson for prayer strongly implies that the amputee’s own prayers haven’t been answered. Or the spectacularly absurd case of someone getting injured and deciding not to pray about it, so that Pat can have first crack at doing so.

  • Modusoperandi

    Amputee’s limbs can grow back through prayer. What you people are forgetting is that they won’t if somebody else, somebody stronger and more right with the Lord, is praying against their limb growing back.

  • robb

    god *does* regrow limbs. look at all the axolotls, starfish and flatworms that have their prayers answered.

  • blf

    Praying for a amputee’s limb to grow back works as often as praying for an amputated limb to grow a new body.

  • robert79

    Some worms can actually grow their brain back after amputation of the head. Of course, for THAT prayer to work you needed to have a brain in the first place.

  • grumpyoldfart

    He claims he’s seen it happen before

    That’s all his audience needs. They’ll be off to work tomorrow morning and telling their friends about the miracle they witnessed on the 700 Club.

    Their workmates will believe them too. It’s part of the Christian pact: “You believe my lies when I tell them, and I’ll believe your lies when you tell them to me.”

  • bushrat

    @4 Modusoperandi No, no, no, everyone know that “Good Christians™” would never do such a vile thing. It’s the Devil working against those amputees prayers. Now, for the low, low price of $100 you local Evangelist/Faith Healer will drive the devil out so the prayers can grow them limbs back right quick like.

  • abb3w

    @1, wneroaster

    I’m surprised they even put that question up. It’s almost like somebody in the control room was f’ing with him.

    That, or they’re getting an incredible number of young hooligans writing in to ask Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?

  • eoraptor

    katalope @2

    Don’t do it, friend! So many people depend on you. Surely life can’t be so bad you’d want to jump off that building!

  • Sastra

    As I see it Robertson doesn’t get testy — at least that’s not what he displays here. In typical fashion he does what most apologists do when confronted by a difficult and/or hostile question: he laughs.

    “Oh, that’s so funny. Hahahaha. Really, you’ll have to excuse me while I express some irrepressible amusement over your naive, silly, childish question based on what must be one of the most amazing misunderstandings of Christianity and the nature of faith ever. Seriously. You’re embarrassing yourself by asking such a question. But in a gratuitous act of kindness and charity I’ll lower myself to answer you. Here, it’s like this…”

    And now that they have bought time and established their dominant role of Wise Teacher dealing with the pathetically dense, you will then get some glib, superficial reply which, if you’re lucky, is more or less related to the actual question you asked (though you can bet it will follow none of the implications.)

    Apparently re-growing a leg is a high-order miracle and closer to poofing a pony into existence then poofing cancer out of existence and thus not a form of “healing.” Now, don’t you feel silly.

  • timberwoof

    Never mind that Rat Pobertson claimed to have regrown an eye. And the eye, after all, is God’s proof of the miracle of non-evolutionary creation. But a leg …

  • imthegenieicandoanything

    He’d simply refer you to filmed proof that such matters happen: clips of “Species” with Xians praying dubbed over the soundtrack as the sexy alien re-grows her thumb.

  • Ace of Sevens

    I tried to research the cases he sites, btu all I could find is an argument over whether Frodo’s finger grew back in Valinor.

  • howardhershey

    Well, it is perfectly clear. It takes a lot more money given to him as a faith offering than any one person has in order to produce that particular miracle. God’s price list is open to a bit of haggling, but don’t ask for the ‘limb regeneration’ miracle at ‘crutch discarding’ miracle prices.

  • Rob

    god *does* regrow limbs. look at all the axolotls, starfish and flatworms that have their prayers answered.

    What are you saying? That God is actually a flatworm?

  • aaronbaker

    How dare you question my completely bugshit fanaticism?!

  • juice

    God has only just begun to answer prayers to regrow limbs.

    One step at a time. He can’t make it look like a Hollywood movie type miracle. It has to look like mortals figured it out for themselves. The lord works in mysterious ways.

  • unbound

    In all fairness, Pat was using LSD at the time…

  • dingojack

    robb – you think Platyhelminthes have limbs? Have I got a bridge to sell to you.


  • pamsmigh

    I think someone’s messing w/Pat. The question of why we see no miraculous regrown limbs (in mega-churches healing stories, for example) is a strong indicator of the foolishness of the “god healed me” brand of Christianity. I can’t believe Pat actually raised this issue to his “believers” who may now question, “Yeah, why have I never seen anyone w/a verifiable amputation stand up at service w/a new limb.” Cuz, you know what, even as an atheist, that would get me back to the fold.