Watch Out Canada, Glenn Beck Might be Coming

A warning to my Canadian friends: Glenn Beck, who thinks Obama is a “Marxist revolutionary” on the verge of killing millions of people, says he is giving serious thought to moving to Canada to escape the impending tyrannical dictatorship that will almost certainly hunt him down and throw him in jail or kill him. But wait, isn’t this the same person who claims that national health care, which Canada has and we don’t even after the Affordable Care Act, is the second coming of Nazism because empathy leads to Hitler?


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  • reasonbe

    The stupid. It pays.

  • janiceclanfield

    Canada would never allow that nitwit into our country.

  • freemage

    Wait, wait… This is actually significant.

    It explains why the Xian theocrats, neocons and other conservative extremists have been going so batshit lately. They’ve realized they’ve no place else to run. If you want to flee from here to someplace in the West (read: white majority), you’re going to someplace more socialist than here. If you want to go someplace more right-wing or with fanatical religious mores, you’re going someplace with an abundance of melanin. Poor racist fundiecrats–if they lose America, they’ve got NOTHING.

  • kantalope

    “the second coming of Nazism because empathy leads to Hitler?”

    So, if I say to Glenn Beck about his moving to Socialist Canada: “I don’t care….a lot.” I strike a blow against Hitler?

  • bushrat

    Someone should tell Glenn that the Commies in Canada have had gay marriage for the better part of a decade, universal health care for half a century, legal abortion and a significant portion of the country speaks french as a first language. That should put paid any delusions

  • Dr X

    Canada, where they have universal healthcare AND taxes at all levels of government combined are about 25% higher as a percentage of GDP.

  • Trebuchet

    Well, if he goes there we’d be a little bit even for them sending us Ted Cruz.

  • leftwingfox

    Oh, great, just what we need. Our conservative party has enough bad authoritarian tendencies without american-style paranoid anti-government fantasists.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Love the dramatic pauses after every few words.

  • scottbelyea

    “Canada, where they have universal healthcare AND taxes at all levels of government combined are about 25% higher as a percentage of GDP.”

    This is misleading at best.

    Example – from

    “… adjusted expenditures of 38–39% of GDP for each of the two nations.”

    Here’s the background …

    “In Canada total tax and non-tax revenue for every level of government equals about 38.4% of GDP,[1] compared to the U.S. rate of 28.2%.[2]

    A significant portion of this tax differential is due to spending differences between the two countries. While the US is running deficits of about 4% of GDP,[3] Canada’s Federal government posted a budget surplus of around 1% of GDP per year from the mid-1990s until 2008, and is projected to enter back into a surplus by 2016.[4] The deficit patterns and indebtedness of Canada’s individual provinces vary like they do in the US among different states. Considered in a revenue-neutral context, the differential is much smaller – Canada’s total governmental spending was about 36% of GDP[5] vs. 31% in the US.[3] In addition, caution must be used when comparing taxes across countries, due to the different services each offers. Whereas the Canadian healthcare system is 70% government-funded, the US system is just under 50% government-funded (mostly via Medicare and Medicaid); adding the additional healthcare-spending burden to the above figures to obtain comparable numbers (+3% for Canada, +7% for the US) gives adjusted expenditures of 38–39% of GDP for each of the two nations.>

  • coragyps

    They say Edmund Walker Island is nice this time of year…….

  • garnetstar

    What makes him think that Canada would take him? There are pretty strict rules on getting permanent residency and citizenship: you have to have a job lined up already and sponsors and be in a needed profession (spreading paranoid delusions to the citizenry doesn’t count). You can’t buy your way in, either, and they’re not impressed by victim-posturing.

    He should try Saudi Arabia, he’d love the theocracy.

  • zero6ix

    “Are you a victim? Are you a quitter? Or can you change the world? Are you going to be like me, and quit, and move to Canada? Or are you going to be like what I pretend to be, and change the WORLD? Listen to the sound of my voice. It’s kind, well meaning, and gives a hint of wisdom. Are you going to be like that, and stand up for yourself? Or are you going to be the words I am actually saying, and be a big fat cry baby quitter?”

  • gepark

    He can try to come to Canada. I don’t think he’d like it much. We can sometimes be…grumpy.

  • sinned34

    Well, if there’s one thing us Canadians are known for lacking, it’s empathy.

    (Sadly, our current governing party, the Conservative Party of Canada, is doing their damndest to make that joke a reality. A number of years ago, our Prime Minister was quoted as saying “You won’t recognize Canada when I get through with it”. It might be the only true statement he’s ever uttered.)

  • busterggi

    Beck will relocate just as Limbaugh and Nugent did.

    He crazy but he’s not stupid enough to think anyone outside the Confedacy will provide him an audience.

  • eric

    Don’t worry Canada, he has no intention of leaving. Though we will trade him to you for an idiot to be named later. Or Newfoundland.

  • scottbelyea

    “Though we will trade him to you for an idiot to be named later. Or Newfoundland.”

    Nope. Suggesting Newfoundland is just another blatant US oil grab.

  • Strewth

    If he ends up in, say, Fort McMurray Alberta, he’ll hardly notice he’s left. On the other hand, if he’s anywhere near Church and Gerrard in Toronto…

  • jnorris

    i can’t believe Mr Beck doesn’t have a permanent spot on Saturday Night Live or the Comedy Channel hasn’t given him his own TV show.

  • Modusoperandi

    He’s got to get through Bonhomme first.

  • Ibis3, Let’s burn some bridges

    I can’t help but laugh whenever one of your wingnuts declares that he’ll have to take his ball and go home to Canada. I mean, do they know nothing about us at all? We’re their nightmare.*

    Universal, publicly funded healthcare. Regulated banks. Abortion on demand** paid for by the government. Marriage equality for over a decade. A woman as supreme court chief justice. A Muslim as mayor of the third largest city. A lesbian as premier of the most populous province. A socialist party as the official opposition. Official federal bilingualism. Legislatures and official ceremonies where you’re as likely to see a First Nations smudging as an ecumenical prayer. Sex education and diversity education mandated by provincial curricula. A Green Party that is an actual political contender with a seat in the HoC. A Marxist-Leninist Party that got more votes than did the Libertarian Party in the last federal election (even though the commie vote was split between the M-Ls and the Communist Party). Laws against hate speech. Human rights codes that prohibit discrimination in the workplace or with respect to housing. A law that says you can’t lie on the news…

    * even with Harper and the RepubliCons in charge–just wait until Justin Trudeau wins the next election, possibly with the social democrat NDP supporting a minority Lib gov’t–we’ll be legalizing pot and liking the UN and science again

    **subject to medical, not legal considerations (though accessibility is still an issue–we’re not perfect)

    • scottbelyea

      And just to pile on a bit from the Great White North – I recently had a 6 week vacation in one of our miserable commie hospitals, featuring 2 major surgeries, 2 visits to intensive care, 4 weeks flat on my back being fed intravenously, services from 5 doctors, physio help to learn to walk again, and shuffling out of hospital leaving 2/3 of my large intestine behind.

      Of course, the out-of-pocket cost was outrageous – $7 for parking each time my wife visited.

      I’m very grateful that I cannot imagine the stress involved in lying in a hospital bed wondering if the bill was going to wipe out my retirement savings.

      I know that the Canadian system has problems that need work, but you won’t get any personal complaints from me this year. In my mind, it reinforces the notion that good health care (both medically and fiscally) really is a hallmark of a civilized society.

  • timgueguen

    And let’s not forget, stricter gun control. Want to pretend you’re Dirty Harry? Hey, no prob! Get a restricted firearms license and you can own a Smith and Wesson Model 29. But you ton’t be able to shoot it anyplace but a gun club, and you won’t be packing it under your jacket at the corner grocery store. And it will be registered with the government.

  • lofgren

    good health care (both medically and fiscally) really is a hallmark of a civilized society.

    You liberals keep moving the goalposts. First you say we have to stop scalping Indians, then we have to give up our slaves, then we have to feed the starving and take moderate care of our old people, and now we have to provide healthcare. What next? Are you going to say we have to stop lynching OBGYN who provide abortions in order to be considered “civilized?” Sumer is considered one of the world’s first civilizations, and they didn’t even have Jesus yet!

    • scottbelyea

      “First you say we have to stop scalping Indians…”


      Oh, I’m sorry … you mean First Nations people.

  • lofgren

    Oh, I’m sorry … you mean First Nations people.

    Thank you! I almost forgot! We also had to stop calling them Indians for some reason. Look, I don’t care what they’re called. I just need to know if they count for 3/5ths or a whole person.

    • scottbelyea

      “Look, I don’t care what they’re called. I just need to know if they count for 3/5ths or a whole person.”

      Can’t answer that one, but it seems to have some odd connection to the following exchange between Baldrick and Edmund Blackadder from the “Sense and Sensibility” episode.

      “My Uncle Baldrick was in a play once.”


      “Yeah. It was called _Macbeth_.”

      “And what did he play?”

      “Second codpiece. Macbeth wore him in the fight scenes.”

      “So he was a stunt codpiece?”


      “Was it a large part?”

      “Depends on who was playing Macbeth.”


      Have a cultural evening …

  • Nick Gotts


    Obama is such a procrastinator! Why doesn’t he get on with it and launch his Marxist revolution already?

  • colnago80

    Re scottbelyea @ #26

    Native Americans is the politically correct terminology south of the 49th Parallel.