Lonegan Aide Makes Bizarre Attack on Booker

When it came out recently that Cory Booker had exchanged Twitter messages with a stripper (at a vegan strip club — only in Portland), I figured Steve Lonegan, his opponent in the New Jersey Senate race, would use that to attack him. But I certainly didn’t expect this line of attack from one of his top advisers.

A top aide to Republican New Jersey Senate hopeful Steve Lonegan went into decidedly not-safe-for-work territory when TPM asked why he thinks his candidate has been gaining on Democratic opponent Cory Booker in recent polls.

In a profanity-filled assessment of the race delivered via phone Thursday, Rick Shaftan, a senior staffer and key strategist on Lonegan’s campaign, suggested voters would be turned off by Booker’s “odd” behavior including Twitter messages the Democrat sent to a stripper, that Shaftan described as “strange” and “like what a gay guy would say.”

“It was just weird. I mean, to me, you know, hey, if he said, ‘Hey, you got really hot breasts man, I’d love to suck on them.’ Then like, yeah, cool. But like, he didn’t say that,” Shaftan explained. “It was like kind of like, I don’t know, it was like what a gay guy would say to a stripper. It’s the way he was talking to her. It’s just like like there was no sexual interest at all. I don’t know. To me, if I was single and you know like some stripper was tweeting me, I might take advantage of the perks of the office, you know?”…

However, in the interview with TPM, Shaftan said it was impossible Booker did not take notice of the topless pictures Lee regularly shared on her Twitter page.

“This is strange. It’s just weird. … It’s like, ‘I don’t know who she is. I don’t know anything about her.’ Get the fuck out of here dude. You can’t follow her Twitter page and not know she’s got those great breasts. How do you fucking not know?” Shaftan said. “It’s just too odd and people they just wonder, like, who does this guy really want to work for? Who’s he representing?”

Lonegan almost immediately said he was going to fire Shaftan for those bizarre remarks. And when Shaftan was contacted again by TPM he said, “I shouldn’t be talking anymore.” Ya think?

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  • cswella

    Haven’t gotten in depth to the conversation booker had with her, but my first thought is:

    Who’s the asshole who thinks the only conversation someone can have with a female stripper, or any girl, is about their breasts? From what I read between booker and Lynsie, they’re having genuine conversation.

  • What if he wanted to discuss developmental biology? Who knows? Maybe she’s a biology student in college and dances to help cover her college expenses and it’s a common interest they share. Who knows? And who cares?

  • zero6ix

    I’m sure this interview was given while Shaftan was wearing his peacocking gear. You know, giant crushed velvet top hat, eye liner, ruffled silk shirt, leather trench coat, goggles perched just so on his forehead. To get ladies with breasts, that he would, you know, “use the perks of the office”.

    As we all know, only gay dudes can talk to ladies without mutating into a goofy looking rape monster.

  • dingojack

    And with Obamacare every mentally ill American will be able to afford their meds. (No wonder the PoG opposes it).



  • doublereed


    Oh man that’s comedy gold. That’s really sad that he got told not to continue talking.

  • doublereed

    I can only imagine what he’s like with the ladies.

  • Yeah, I know I certainly can’t talk to a woman without noticing, commenting on, and informing the woman of what I’d like to do to her breasts. ‘Cause I’m a manly man who likes the ladies and does not like dudes except I surround myself constantly with dudes and have never actually spoken to a lady since I hit puberty.

  • Erin Gibson

    Good grief. Politician treats stripper like a human being. Opposition outraged. This could be an article in the Onion.

    Thank you, Cory Booker, for treating women like people.

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    It was a valiant attempt to turn a non-story into another Weinergate, on the theory that Democrats are all damned-if-they-do-damned-if-they-don’t sexual deviants.

    Alas, the attack failed and brave Sir Rick was forced to fall upon his own sword.

  • cry4turtles

    He’s a bachelor too. No marriage scandal. So say for the GOP…wait…rumors of homosexuality. Here we go!

  • jefferylanam

    I know a stripper who’s a vegan (not in Portland) and active in animal welfare activities. She’s met a number of politicians, who probably don’t know how she makes her living. I’ve had plenty of conversations with her that didn’t involve her breasts (and plenty that did, to be honest.)

  • grumpyoldfart

    Yeah, like, I’m sorta, like, you know: more articulate than him

  • jnorris

    Mr Rick Shaftan is very strangely well versed on how gay men tweet female strippers.

    What exactly happens at a vegan strip club? Do the ‘dancers’ peel raw vegetables and fruit?

    Take it all off you naughty Vidalia Onion!!!

  • blf

    Ok, what exactly is a “vegan strip club”? Pole-dancing carrots? Couch-dancing potatoes? A display of pretty cauliflowers? Sesame seed wrestling? Boggling minds not-quite-sure-they want to know…

  • caseloweraz

    “Have ‘gun,’ will travel” reads the card of Shaftan;

    You know right up front he’s a red-blooded man.

    His fast mouth unguarded heeds a careless plan:

    He inserts his foot there just as soon as he can.

    Rick Shaftan, Rick Shaftan, where will you roam?

    Rick Shaftan, Rick Shaftan, far, far from home…

    Apologies to the late Richard Boone and the cast and crew of his show.

  • exdrone

    That is quite the marketing gimmick. Did they anticipate patrons saying, “Geez, there are just so many strip clubs to choose from. I know, let’s go to the vegan one.” or “I really want to go to a strip club. I only wish someone would offer a vegan one.”

  • eric

    “Cocaine is a hell of a drug.”

    -Rick James.

  • The Beautiful Void

    Is there a contact email address to send fanmail to Mr Booker? I think we should be sending him a bunch of “well done for being one of the good guys” mail over this.