Beck Again Repeats False Claim His Own Site Debunked

When I saw this article on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze website debunking the claim that the website for the health care exchanges cost $634 million, I immediately wondered how long it would be before Beck was repeating it on the air despite that fact. The answer: About 24 hours.


According to Right Wing Watch, this is the 4th time Beck has repeated a claim that his own website had already shown to be false.

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  • Ed:

    There’s a banner ad running right above this. It’s about Glennie Bek, but it has a typo, “Book of Moron” is the correct spelling, I’m sure. Please notify your webmaster.

  • zero6ix

    My guess? Beck just doesn’t read. Like, at all. No scripts, no cue cards, nothing his own damned website posts. Someone else reads his talking points aloud, and he memorizes them.

    Because the alternative is he’s a liar. And good mormons don’t lie.

  • exdrone

    And $93.7M (USD) /= $634M (CAD), so don’t go there.