Foundation Beyond Belief’s 4th Quarter Beneficiaries

The 4th quarter 2013 beneficiaries for the Foundation Beyond Belief have been announced. Here’s a video highlighting the work they do and what the foundation has been doing around the world this year. The video is really well done.


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  • wscott

    An aside to those who work in federal, state or local government. (Welcome back to the office, Feds!) The Combined Federal Campaign charity drive and most of its state & local equivalents typically have a list of charities you can donate to. FBB may not be listed – too small, too new, whatever. But most programs also have a “write-in” section where you can contribute to any qualified 501(c)3, even if they’re not specifically listed. In addition to being a great way to give (pre-tax!), it’s also a great way to raise FBB’s exposure. If enough of us write-in FBB, we increase the chance of them being “listed” in subsequent years, making them visible and available to literally millions of non-atheist-blog-readers.