WND: Nothing to Sell But Fear Itself

This image from the Worldnetdaily tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the site:


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  • voidhawk

    Wait, what?

  • Doug Little

    So extending rights to more Americans is totalitarianism? Right got it.

  • @voidhawk #1 – By not allowing white Christians to throw women, gays, brown people and followers of other religions to the lions, white Christians are themselves being thrown to the lions. See?

  • Doug Little

    WND: Nothing to Sell But Fear Itself

    Actually given their track record, I’ll bet they are trying to sell something.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    what’s all this I hear about putting Trojans on gay horses?

    < / litella >

  • Sastra

    Well, if by “Christianity” they mean “the right to beat and kill married homosexuals” then they’re right.

    Of course, it’s always been illegal to beat and kill homosexuals per se (I mean you’d at least have to pay some sort of fine), but perhaps the freedom to kill married ones was always hanging out there as a viable option to them as they visualized the government being on their side for this implausible eventuality.

    But now — the dream is gone. State won’t back them up.

  • mikeym

    That image looks like a Chick tract. Deliberate?

  • raven

    Oh oh. If xianiy is now illegal in the USA, does that mean I get called up for FEMA concentration camp duty?

    Since the USA is 68% xian, it’s going to take a lot of people to run the camps and keep 216 million people inside.

    Forget it. Who is going to feed the cats and take care of the garden? I’m just going to call in sick and hope they are too busy guarding all those xians to check and make sure I’m not faking it.

  • I take it they haven’t finished decorating that float yet? And, yeesh, talk about ostentatious! Dramaaaa! Function over form for Pride! How many dancers can you fit on that one? Five? Seven? C’mon! We have a whole community to serve, people!

  • gmacs

    Wait, so Christians are all against The Gay?

    Shucks, I need to tell my mom, my fiancee, my siblings, my sister-in-law, my cousins, my aunts, a bunch of my friends, my coworkers, and many more people that they are not, in fact, Christians.

    …I mean, unless the WND is wrong or something.

  • eric

    Is that image from the movie Troy? Looks like the same horse. I really have no fear of Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom bringing totalitarianism to the country. If Jack Nicholson was in that horse, I’d worry.

  • Does WND actually stand for “We’re Notoriously Delusional?”

  • Wait, it’s teh gays doing this right? So shouldn’t it be a Trojan-sparkle-pony-unicorn?

  • I’ve come to the conclusion that being a fringe right-winger means 1) you must belong to some privileged group, be it the rich, white people, males, Christians, etc. And 2) you must believe that in spite of your privilege, you are society’s greatest victim. That’s how you rationalize being the world’s biggest prick.

  • davefitz

    So long as a scantily clad Brad Pitt jumps out of that Trojan horse, I think we’re ALL going to be happy.

  • blf

    Well, if I saw a fecking huge wooden horse surrounded or pulled by a bunch of toga-wearing people of stereotypical Scandinavian appearance, I’m not entirely sure what I’d think. The grooviest Gay Pride march ever? A rather confused Renaissance Fayre? I had more beers than I remember? Dr Who?

  • exdrone

    So WND sees gay rights as an irresistably desirable trophy?

  • gerryl

    My first thought was: where did they steal that photo from?

  • The wingnut concept of liberty bears no resemblance to the accepted definition of the term that I am aware of. It mostly just proves that they have a suffering fetish (of course, only Catholic extremists have the decency to admit it). Of course, better that someone else suffers…

  • freehand

    namowal: Does WND actually stand for “We’re Notoriously Delusional?”

    I thought it stood for “Weapon of News Destruction”.

    But yours might be better. Hmmmm.