Stephen Baldwin Headlining ‘Ex-Gay’ Conference

Stephen Baldwin, by far the least talented of the Baldwin brothers (though Alec seems to be trying to beat him in the obnoxious asshole category), is going to be the headlining speaker at an “ex-gay” conference that starts, appropriately, on Halloween day.


I have some news for them. If they’re looking for tips on how to pretend like they’re not gay anymore, Stephen Baldwin may not be the best choice of acting teacher. Have they never seen Bio-Dome?

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  • doublereed

    No, because Bio-Dome doesn’t exist. It can’t exist. Humanity is incapable of producing something so heinous and evil. And now that we’ve determined that it doesn’t exist, let us never speak of it again.

  • It’s taking place on Halloween? Maybe some fool will go dressed as “homosexuality” — and get sued.

  • tubi

    I’d love be a fly on the wall at Thanksgiving dinner when all the brothers are together. Alec yelling at Stephen for being a Tea Party Jesus-freak moron. Stephen yelling at Alec for being a pro-gay, anti-family socialist. Daniel and William sitting in the corner trying to figure out what happened to their careers.

  • eric

    @3 – what about Adam? Maybe he shows up wearing his Firefly prop hat.

  • imrryr

    If anything could turn a gay man straight, it’s the dead-eyed, fish-lipped face of Stephen Baldwin.

  • dingojack

    Aww have a heart for those poor ‘ex-gays’.

    Stephen Baldwin? Isn’t there a constitutional prohibition on ‘cruel and unusual’ punishments?


  • ajb47

    eric @4 — Adam is not related to the others.

  • cottonnero

    This Halloween, dress up as a straight person!

  • TxSkeptic

    Does this mean that Baldwin claims to be an ex-gay? Never heard that one. If true, I guess that means he’s gay.

  • I wonder if Stephen Baldwin regrets playing the role of a horndog college student who is assigned a gay roommate and comes to accept and embrace both that gay student and his homosexuality….literally, at the end of the movie, when they engage in the sex act after which the film is named.

  • edmundog

    Let’s be fair. He’s probably better than Daniel.

  • exdrone

    The Rising from the Ashes clip reminds me of the Will & Grace episode called “Girls, Interrupted” in which Neil Patrick Harris runs an ex-gay club and at the meeting announces:

    Excuse me. We are here to lead normal, heterosexual lives. Man and woman are meant to be together. So anyone here who has a misguided notion that Welcome Back Home is some kind of a – a gay pick-up joint, you can just leave right now.

    After which, all the members leave. The episode was also the instigation of a complaint letter from an ex-gay activist to whom the show’s gay Executive Story Editor sent a tongue-in-cheek reply hitting on him.