Ted Cruz’ 2016 Campaign Bus

It appears that Ted Cruz has already ordered the campaign bus for 2016:

Cruz campaign bus

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  • Nihilismus

    If the UFOs want the nation to become more religious, they should stage a show pretending to be God. Presumably they have the power.

  • Moggie

    You can’t deny there’s a right to bare arms against the government!

  • doublereed

    Honestly, I’m amazing at their ability to spell.

  • moarscienceplz

    @ #2 Moggie

    I sure am glad to see they support my right to wear short sleeves.

  • Did you know that if you put that three-color stripe on anything it makes it more 70’s? I accidentally got some on myself and sprouted sideburns. True story.

  • lldayo

    I regret expressing my right to bare arms at my desk today in IT at this local government office. It feels like the AC is on…

  • matty1

    What about the right to arm bears?

  • Larry

    Typical nutbag. Never bothers to disable caps lock.

  • Moggie

    Now I want a van with [citation needed] plastered on the side.

  • Doug Little

    All that stuff on there and no where is the universal law of vans written.

    If the van’s a rockin’ don’t bother knockin’

  • Not enough aborted fetus pictures.

  • justsomeguy

    This kind of nonsensical wall of text is exactly what “TL;DR” was invented for.

  • kesara

    I for one surrender to our new UFO overlords and will bare my arms against the government.

  • DrewN

    Both god and aliens are on his side. I’m convinced! Praise ET!

  • cry4turtles

    Hey! What about duck tape? Stupid clear tapers!

  • Ellie

    I no longer bare my arms, and haven’t for about 15 years, but it’s comforting to know I still have a right to, should I so choose. However, I’m puzzled. Why should I care what UFOs accept?

  • tfkreference

    I’m sure the well documented citations are on the signs with the smaller print.

  • Between this and that van PZ posted (along with the owner’s web site), I’m starting to wonder if these kinds of vehicles are going to eventually replace the “The End is Nigh” sandwich board wearers in fiction.

  • coffeehound


    What about the right to arm bears?

    Only God fearing bears with American birth certificates.

  • infraredeyes

    They really should make up their minds whether Obama is a communist or a Muslim.

  • John Pieret

    What about the right to arm bears?

    What about the right to arm bares? Aren’t nudists citizens too?

  • Doug Little

    What about the right to arm bears?

    They already have 4 legs, I suppose some arms would come in handy though.

  • timberwoof

    “Now I want a van with [citation needed] plastered on the side.”

    I want an AMC Pacer with [Citation needed] plastered on the side.

  • That appears to be a Toyota truck. Hence Cruz will not be using it in 2016. However I’m sure the owners will be more than willing to help him decorate whatever piece of Detroit iron he decides to use.

  • What I can’t understand is the persistent focus of defeating a term-limited president. The focus made sense leading up to 2012, but now? Are they just trying to play their impeach-the-president-because-we-have-nothing-of-substance card again?

    I mean, if they were really a party that was serious about governing, they’d be looking at means of addressing real policy matters through a slate of candidates that would be running in 2016.

    … but that would be if they were a party that was serious about governing.

  • Loqi

    Do you think he ordered freedom fries at that Burger King?

  • Sastra

    Many years ago I came across the website of an atheist who proudly posted a photograph of his car. It was parked next to another car — and the rear of both were absolutely covered with bumperstickers, some home made, some not. The atheist’s car told people there was no God and why; the other car told people that there WAS a God and here’s what to do about it.

    As I recall it was a chance encounter — the space happened to be empty — and the atheist never met the evangelist. But I like to imagine that if they DID — they would both have been happy as clams. Finally. Someone who not only doesn’t think you’re a kook — but they also want to TALK to you! Probably a rare event in both lives.

  • movablebooklady

    I’m really annoyed that this nut used a Toyota Class C RV to brandish his messages on. I live in one of these little workhorse RVs and most of the people who own one are okay folk, including me. Humpf.

  • exdrone

    I think one of the smaller font messages is “I’m being driven by Stupid. *pointing finger* “

  • Akira MacKenzie

    “Monkey Mind Obama…”

    Gee, you don’t think this guy might be a wee bit racist, do you?

  • DaveL

    Why should I care what UFOs accept?

    Well, if you’re going to get the standard examination and anal probe, you’re going to want to make sure they accept your insurance.

  • oranje

    Oregon? I’m guessing Oregon. I’ve never seen such a fascinating mix of hippie and wingnut as when I lived there. And I lived right on an urban growth boundary, so I saw both every single day.