Bryan Fischer Can’t Do Math

You have to watch the video below. I promise you, it’s hilarious. A caller to Bryan Fischer’s radio show suggested that instead of the Affordable Care Act, the government should just give everyone a million dollars, since that would cover any medical expenses they have. Fischer is very excited about the idea, noting that there are 315 million Americans and the lifetime cap on health insurance policies is usually $2 million.

That would be the solution right there, just establish a a health savings account for everybody, an HSA, and put $2 million in it, for every single American. That’s $630 million, problem solved…That would be $4 million less than it took to set up that website that doesn’t work.

Uh, Bryan…that would be two dollars for every American, which isn’t gonna buy much medical care. 315 million people times $2 million is $630 trillion, or about 42 times the country’s GDP. And by the way, you’re a freaking moron.


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  • Larry

    He’s doing winger math. You do the computation the normal way, then, multiply by zero and add a number that gives you the result you want.

    Either that or he really is a freaking moron.

  • dmcclean

    His math probably works if you use it alongside his definition of “real americans”.

  • @Larry #1 – Using winger math OR really being a freaking moron? Isn’t a person who uses winger math, by definition, a freaking moron?

  • John Pieret

    He is probably using the same math that the Republicans use to determine that the ACA is costing millions of jobs. It’s called desire calculus … the answer is always the one you desire.

  • scienceavenger

    Damnit dmcclean, you beat me to it. Then again, it was low hanging fruit. And No Mr. Fischer, that wasn’t a veiled reference to Teh Gay.

  • raven

    According to the Congressional Budget Office, the ACA is supposed to reduce the federal deficity by $20 billion a year.


    The 2011 comprehensive CBO estimate projected a net deficit reduction of more than $200 billion during the 2012–2021 period:[229][230] it

    The ACA is a minor tweak to our existing system, will insure maybe 10 million people mostly with private insurance, and save the USA $20 billion a year.

    The the GOP is going to destroy the USA over this? It’s cuckoo.

  • unbound

    Isn’t math one of those liberal conspiracies?

  • zero6ix

    So the solution is not taking care of people, but spending more money.

    And why does it not surprise me that a conservative is terrible at basic math?

  • jeroenmetselaar

    Not to mention that this would put the USD in a free fall inflation that would make Hjalmar Schacht choke on his sausage.

  • 2-D Man

    “Is this just math that you do, as a Republican, to make yourself feel better?”

  • Jeremy Shaffer

    Like dmcclean and scienceavenger I was thinking there are probably only 315 people that Fischer considers to be “Real Americans”. What makes it even funnier is that he might be counting some of the characters from G.I Joe as well since he can’t distinguish fact from fiction and they are billed as “Real American Heroes”.

  • Loqi

    With math skills like that, he could get a job at Verizon if the whole ‘radio blowhard’ ends up not panning out.

  • jaybee

    Have you no faith? With God, anything is possible. Just like the loaves and fishes, the government puts $2 in your health savings account and Jesus will see to it that you can draw on it a million times without lowering the balance.

  • freehand

    315 million Americans x 2 million dollars

    The second million is redundant…

    = 630 million American dollars

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Math has a well-known liberal bias.

  • Doug Little

    Again we see a raving fundie have severe issues with large numbers. This seems to be a running theme among this crowd.

  • lofgren

    To be perfectly fair, losing a decimal place or even several is exactly the kind of error that even people with excellent math skills might make while doing a calculation on-the-fly in front of an audience. I’ve witnessed an astrophysicist make a very similar error. Granted he was tripping balls on mushrooms at the time, but still.

  • Sure, the math is imaginary, but think how much money he’d save America! (Look for this new Republican idea in the next Ryan Budget)

  • And where would this money come from? Aren’t conservatives always telling us that the government can’t just keep “printing money”?

  • David C Brayton

    Your criticism on this particular point doesn’t seem very fair. He does realize his mistake.

    Humans aren’t wired very well for dealing with certain concepts rapidly, like big numbers. There simply wasn’t any evolutionary need to deal with such numbers.

  • caseloweraz

    @2-D Man (#10):

    No fair! I was supposed to post the Megan Kelly quote this time!


  • kft

    He noticed his error, which is good (and it’s most decent of RWW to include that in the video). But still – how could he, even for a second, think that “give everyone their full lifetime benefits all at once” was a BETTER fiscal choice? It runs contrary to the entire goal of insurance, and is CLEARLY more “socialist” than the current system. It seems like Fischer is just grasping at straws for anything that lets him critique something The Liberals are doing.

  • exdrone

    If you gave every American two dollars, that would be 630 million dollars.

    Since his plan replaces the ACA, his suggestion would work because the alternative insurance-industry-controlled system would be so cost efficient that you could get a colonoscopy and a heart transplant for less than two dollars.

  • cottonnero

    To be fair to Fischer, this is regular-people can’t-do-math, not wingnut can’t-do-math like Andrew Schlafly’s disdain for imaginary numbers or A Beka Book’s freakout over set theory.