Bryan Fischer Can’t Do Math

You have to watch the video below. I promise you, it’s hilarious. A caller to Bryan Fischer’s radio show suggested that instead of the Affordable Care Act, the government should just give everyone a million dollars, since that would cover any medical expenses they have. Fischer is very excited about the idea, noting that there are 315 million Americans and the lifetime cap on health insurance policies is usually $2 million.

That would be the solution right there, just establish a a health savings account for everybody, an HSA, and put $2 million in it, for every single American. That’s $630 million, problem solved…That would be $4 million less than it took to set up that website that doesn’t work.

Uh, Bryan…that would be two dollars for every American, which isn’t gonna buy much medical care. 315 million people times $2 million is $630 trillion, or about 42 times the country’s GDP. And by the way, you’re a freaking moron.


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