Camenker Brings the Stupid

Brian Camenker of MassResistance is, even by Christian right standards, a ridiculously ignorant and bigoted man. He put that on full display on the equally unhinged Linda Harvey’s radio show with a series of idiotic statements. Like did you know gays aren’t good at sports because they require “stability” and “alertness”? I didn’t either.

If you follow sports much you’ll notice there are almost no homosexual athletes in the major sports, certainly not in the professional sports and none that I know of in the college sports except for very, very minor roles. It’s interesting because if you go into any public school you see a large percentage of the teachers, at least where I live, are out homosexuals. I think that, my own analysis of that is that it’s so difficult to become an athlete at that level that the psychological issues that are going through you in the homosexual lifestyle just don’t cut it. Because you just need this very high degree of stability, alertness, everything else, so you see almost no athletes, you know, homosexuals in the professional sports or the high level, football leagues or baseball or anything like that, almost none.

And they both agreed that gay people bring all that bullying and violence on themselves by, you know, being gay.

Harvey: They’re maintaining that people that are homosexual, who in anyway display that they are homosexual in Russia are beat up by gangs, do you have any documentation that that is actually happening or that it is actually happening and is not being punished as it ought to be or is just hype by them?

Camenker: Well, it’s hard to say. I would say that a lot of it is probably true. The natural way people react to homosexuality — outside of all the diversity training — is a certain amount of revulsion. So if two men start kissing in the public street, you can expect a certain reaction from people.

Or here’s a suggestion: Maybe bigoted jerks like you who go around claiming that gay people are demon-possessed perverts trying to destroy the country and the world provoke people to act violently. Seems like a much better explanation to me.

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  • Mr Ed

    Gays are more likely to be teachers than jocks. Therefore there is a correlation between sexuality and intelligence. Conclusion, right wing Christians are extremely heterosexual.

  • sinned34

    Personally, the reason I was so homophobic in my younger years was a combination of being told that homosexuality is the Worst Thing Ever, coupled with the fear that if I didn’t act sufficiently homophobic, it would be assumed that I was also gay.

    It took years of getting to know gay people and building my own self esteem to the point where I learned that gay people are just people and their being gay doesn’t affect me in the least, and the fact that I’m quite certain I’m heterosexual means that being called a homosexual doesn’t bother me at all. Much less than if someone were to call me an American, or worse, a Republican.

  • daved

    I guess I just imagined Greg Louganis winning those gold medals in Olympic diving. A poorly-coordinated, shoddy athlete like him couldn’t possibly have done that.

  • scienceavenger

    @3 and not just a gold medal winner, but possibly the greatest diver of all time. I’ll never forget watching him hit a back 3 1/2 pike, then rated the most difficult dive (3.4 IIRC), for 10’s, on his last dive in a perform-or-miss-the-gold circumstance. Certainly one of the greatest clutch performances in any sport in my lifetime.

    I guess it never occurred to Camenker that the reason he doesn’t know about many gay athletes is because he helps foster an environment that makes it costly to come out.

  • Félix Desrochers-Guérin

    @1 In a few cases, you might even go as far as saying they are completely heterosexual.

  • All those lesbian professional tennis must be doing it wrong, then!

  • vmanis1

    What does this say about the sexuality of people who go on right wing radio shows?

  • matty1

    There are relatively few *openly* homosexual athletes, probably because the macho culture of sport has traditionally been homophobic. This says nothing at all about how many sports men and women actually are gay.

  • magistramarla

    Daved and Tony,

    I doubt that these commentators would even consider divers or tennis players. They probably only consider football to be manly enough to be considered “professional sports”.

  • busterggi

    #1 “Conclusion, right wing Christians are extremely heterosexual.”

    Well that’s what they want you to believe.

  • colnago80

    Well, the Washington Deadskin’s tight end, Jerry Smith was a pretty fair football player who set a record for most catches by a tight end in one season.

  • exdrone

    So is that why caffeine used to be a banned substance in the Olympics, because it was a heterosexuality enhancer?

  • even by Christian right standards, a ridiculously ignorant and bigoted man

    The author wrote for the 1,000,000th time.

    Seriously, just enter that into your custom dictionary as the correction for xbqr and you won’t need to keep retyping it 3 to 4 times a week. There seems to be a never ending supply of these idiots and they all have radio shows.

  • hunter

    Given that both Camenker and Harvey are reflexive liars and waaay out there in general, none of this is any surprise. Of course, Camenker is not counting people like Gareth Thomas or Robbie Rogers, since they retired before coming out — although Rogers has now “un-retired” — or Jason Collins or Derek Schell, or any number of Olympic gold and silver medalists in everything from swimming and diving to figure skating.

    Just goes to show what a good argument you can make when you pull all of your “facts” out of your ass.