Cuccinelli Loves Him Some Gun Owners of America

With Ken Cuccinelli running a consistent 8-10 points down in the polling in his race against Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia race for governor, he’s focused mostly on turning out the conservative base. Which may explain why he’s touting the endorsement of the incredibly far right Gun Owners of America. In fact, it’s the very first one listed on his endorsements page.


As Right Wing Watch points out, and as I’ve documented over the years, Gun Owners of America is on the far extreme fringe of the right wing. Larry Pratt, GOA’s director, was ejected from Pat Buchanan’s 1996 presidential campaign staff because he had ties to white supremacists. And he regularly spouts Alex Jones-level conspiracy theories. Indeed, he is a regular guest on Jones’ radio show.

The ties to white supremacy is hardly a surprise. Pratt loves to talk about the coming race wars, which is rhetoric straight out of the KKK.

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  • colnago80

    Apparently, the strategy of the koo koo Ken “brain trust” is to ignore Northern Virginia entirely and concentrate on the white trash base, hoping for a low turnout.

  • lochaber

    a group of confused looking, irritated white guys.

    at least he knows his base?

  • bushrat

    And this my friends is the problem with guns in America. Shoot John Lenin for singing Imagine, shoot MLK for saying I have a dream, shoot school kids for no reason at all, but when this asshole shows up in front of a bunch of guys with guns..NOT ONE SHOT WAS FIRED AT HIM!!!

  • felidae

    Also, it looks like the Cooch is supported by the Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafley’s chock full ‘o nuts group

  • chilidog99

    lochaber @2, they look pretty stupid, don’t they.

    The one in the dark grey t-shirt looks especially dense.

  • busterggi

    At least they took off their hoods for the photo.

  • exdrone

    It’s a tailgate party with the beer and hotdogs replaced by grimace and stupid.

  • DonDueed

    Hey, give them some credit. They are keeping that truck from floating away.

  • hunter

    I just saw a story in the past day or two about Cuccinelli bragging about his “A” rating from the NRA — at Virginia Tech.

    It’s called “tone deaf.”

  • What kind of idiots are gunzloonz?

    Well, here in upstate NY, they went bugnutz KKKrazzee when it was revealed that there was an accessible, downloadable web database of gunzowners–specifically handgunz–in the state of NY complete with home addresses and phone numbers (IIRC–I have a copy of the database on my box). They don’t want people to know that they HAVE gunz, it makes it harder for them to shoot burglars if the burglars are smart enough to avoid their homes–or just wait in the bushes by the garage and clock ’em over the head when they get out of the car with the groceries.

    So, now that the NY SAFE Act is on the books ( they are putting up signs like the one in the picture at this link:

    to express their displeasure with the new law. I now know where at least four gunzloonz live within a few blocks of my house.