‘Psychic’ Bus Driver Fired After ‘Premonitions’

A bus driver in Scotland who thought he was psychic has been fired for refusing to pick up children at certain locations on his usual route because he had a premonition that something bad would happen if he did so. And he says he’s going to appeal that decision.

A PSYCHIC bus driver has been sacked after refusing to pick up schoolchildren – because had a “premonition” that something bad would happen.

The clairvoyant driver, who has not been named, left the children standing at the side of the road in Dundee…

After he explained that a psychic premonition led to him to leave children at the roadside, the driver was promptly dismissed.

The man insisted he left the children at the roadside because he sensed “something bad would happen”.

Yesterday the driver told his local paper that he planned to to fight his dismissal.

But Dundee Council’s education chief Councillor Stewart Hunter praised the bus firm for its tough stance.

“It’s good National Express has taken action and I’m sure they would be concerned too about kids not being picked up.”

Yes, false beliefs do have a real effect on people.

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  • A better defense would be that he was telekinetically prevented from stopping. Carrie was on the bus moving the pedals and wheel.

  • Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :)


    I think you mean “Psychic” Bus Driver Fired after Refusing to Do Job Due to “Premonitions”

    Are you trying to get quote-mined? O.o

  • Trebuchet

    Perhaps he prevented Obama and the NWO from putting them in FEMA death camps.

  • Sastra

    The psychic bus driver turned out to be right. Something bad DID happen to the children.

    They were left standing at the side of the road.

    Really, it’s easy enough for the driver to defend himself. If his intuitions are so reliable then he ought to be able to demonstrate them under controlled laboratory conditions. But I bet they’re not quite that reliable.

  • IslandBrewer

    “Psychic bus driver” sounds like a bad running SNL skit with Christopher Walken.

  • ildi

    Pretty cowardly to leave the children to face the “something bad” on their own…

  • brianwestley

    He was fired?

    Bet he didn’t see that coming.


  • Larry

    Psychic or Psychotic — you decide

  • If this succeeds, I’d be waiting for the next person who gets a “premonition” that their plane will crash to decide not to take the flight and demand to be refunded their ticket money.

    After all, we should respect peoples’ right to their beliefs and not punish them for them!

  • bushrat

    I have a psychic premonition that the bus company will deny his appeal and the school board will back them up.

    Now send me money, and I’ll give you, your iron clad, totally guaranteed psychic reading of your future.

  • steve oberski

    If that bus driver was psychic why did his passengers always have to provide exact change ?

  • lofgren

    So he gets fired because something terrible didn’t happen to the kids, because he acted to prevent it. As he appears to have averted disaster, I think he should get a medal. LOGIC!

    Seriously though, this is a great premise for one of those paint-by-numbers domestic horror movies where the wife sees strange things and her husband thinks she’s crazy.

    After losing their eldest child to a senseless tragedy, Judy and Steve Miller move to a new town and try to move on with their lives. But before too long Judy is beset by strange visions, and Steve doesn’t know what to make of his wife’s odd behavior. Is Judy still reeling from the death of her son? Or is something far more sinister at play…

    Fleeting glimpses of creepy children, strange sounds in the basement, a near wreck on her bus driving route that the school officials agree to cover up because they feel sorry for Judy, and then the realization that the only way she can prevent tragedy is to sacrifice herself. She drives the bus over a cliff into a quarry filled with alligators and dynamite, and everybody thinks that she killed herself from despair when really she did it to save their children.

  • Al Dente

    So he had a premonition something bad would happen if he picked up those children. But since he didn’t pick up the children something bad happened to him.

  • Yep. Real catch-22 there.

  • pacal

    What a Jerk. Refusing to do your job is grounds for dismissal. And frankly swallowing an employees excuse not to do his job in the future, when ever he has those “premonitions”, is unacceptable.

  • erichoug

    HAHA, that’s awesome. I would love to be in the appeal hearing.

    Judge: “You were hired to pick up children at certain stops along a route, is that correct.”

    Idiot: “Yes.”

    Judge: “Did you pick them up?”


    Judge: “Case dismissed, you’re still fired. Moron.”