The Registration Problem Should Be Fixed

We’ve had a lot of complaints over the last few months about problems with registering to comment on the site. There were two problems. First, the banner was over the top of some of the entry boxes on the form. Second, the confirmation emails sometimes didn’t show up (because a bunch of ISPs had blocked the domain of our hosting service, it turns out). Both problems should be fixed now, so if you haven’t registered to comment, could you give it a try and let me know if it works? Hopefully, everything should run smoothly.

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  • steveht

    Yay! Now I can occasionally comment.

  • minusRusty

    So it wasn’t just me having problems registering, I guess. I was worried there for a while I was pre-banned. Or something. 🙂


  • wilsim

    Is there ever going to be a feature where I can click on my avatar and be shown my previous recent comments or something similar? Or where maybe on the blogs here where comments are nested, that it might show me a notification or something letting me know if someone has responded to a comment I had made?

  • jefferylanam

    Too late, Darrell Issa has already scheduled hearings.

  • abear

    There must be another glitch in system. I have been trying to comment on Pharyngula but for some reason I am unable to.

  • Doubting Thomas

    Works for me but I’ve been registered for a while.

  • DavidinOz

    Yea HA!! Now I can post and abuse to my heart’s content. Oh, hang on, that’s the other blogs I read!

    Yep, works for me, so now I can be an occasional poster and have all my stuff read by the NSA. 🙂

  • sirhc58

    Yay! Now I can share my ill-informed opinions with the world! Or just comment occasionally. Yeah, that.

  • Frankie


    I’ve contacted your team before but had no response. There are several issues around this site that still haven’t been addressed.

    I work as a developer (including WordPress, very similar to your sites setup) and connect to your site from around 7 different devices, including TV, various laptops, iPhone, android phone, phablet, tablet, iPad, workstation server – on various operating systems.

    The FtB site also has problems differentiating between the devices (i get the full site on my mobile phone, because I last viewed it on my workstation then I get the served the mobile site on my workstation) etc.

    The main page also sometimes comes up as some sort of “test” WordPress theme with no links to the blogs.

    I outlined more in an email to your developer team, and said them I could provide details of this including Operating System/Browser/Screenshots but they never got back to me, so I will leave the comment here.

    I quite often have to resort to Googling the link, then requesting the cached page on Google to read this unless I clear my cookies and cache.

    Thanks for listening 🙂

  • wilsim

    It’s happened to me before, same as Frankie @9.

    I read these blogs via Android phone, android tablet, and desktop PC. I almost always try to enter the site through the main page.

    Sometimes the main page is blank with no links to blogs, it says view site in full / mobile at the bottom, with mobile grayed out. Hitting view full site just refreshes the page and gives me the same options again.

    I have to google search the blogs and visit them directly if I would like to read them at all. I get this page fairly often both on my android and my desktop 7 computer.

  • chrisj

    I’ve been unable to login or get a password change email for months, but that does now appear to be working correctly.

  • John Pieret

    When I try to log in with my WordPass or Facebook IDs, it says I’m logged in but my posts don’t appear (though it will still tell me that I have made a duplicate post). Only my Google ID works.

  • I just hit the “Register with Facebook” button. Worked like a charm.

  • teawithbertrand


    Glad I’m not the only one. I’ve seen the same things on my laptop, desktop and IPhone.

  • teawithbertrand

    Also glad to be able to comment again. I was beginning to take it personally.

  • prodegtion

    The feminists are LOSING!!! YES!!!!!!

    WE will emerge victorious. Feminism is in its last dying days 😀

  • prodegtion

    Have you watched Thunderf00t’s latest video? FTB is a JOKE.

  • colnago80

    The last couple of days, I’ve been getting a lot of 522 error messages.

  • fusilier


    I’ve been trying to log in since you people left scienceblogs during Pepsigate.

    I could comment on CPP’s blog, or to the Cuttlefish but….Oh Crap, now i have to think of something to say!


    James 2:24

  • fusilier

    @Frankie and @ wilsim

    Sometimes I have the same problem. I click on the “switch to mobile” button and then, since that doesn’t change things, the “switch to desktop” button. That usually lets me see the site.

    Works that way using IE7 and FireFox on a Windows 7 platform, Safari and FireFox on an iMac (Snow Leopard’ cause I’m too cheap to upgrade), AND iOS7.x on an iPad2.


    James 2:24

  • dingojack

    Great, you’ve fixed one (non) problem – now fix the ultra-frequent 522‘s and 404‘s that have suddenly appeared. Every other time now I try to change page – error 552 (and the occasional 404).

    Not a pleasant reading experience.

    8(( Dingo

  • Frankie

    fusilier @20

    (I don’t comment here or “do blogs” enough to know the “format” is it “@fusilier 20”, or “fusilier @20”?)

    This has been good advice – Thanks. I never bothered to look for the other options, such as mobile, desktop site. This is partly because as a developer I believe that the site should make these decisions for you (every time you click a link, you provide enough information about the device to the server for it to render the appropriate response.

    I use many devices, and across platforms from Linux with a terminal to android phones, to Windows desktop computers. And it confuses the hell out of this site.

    It’s frustrating as a developer to watch it, as I’m nearly at the point of dropping my continued daily check of the website (I follow some blogs more than others, but normally click back to the main page to skim content) but Ed, there is more than one thing wrong with the site’s delivery system. …But it’s so easy to fix.

    Ed,please fix this, or you’ll lose a “customer”. A regular one anyway. To be honest I’d still click links when you’re mentioned in the media, and google them if need be,

    Please Ed, fix your site. The issue you blogged about in this post if only one of a plethora.