Bradlee Dean: Trotsky Invented the Word ‘Racism’

Having lost his co-host and the entire staff of his ministry, Bradlee Dean now has his wife co-hosting his radio show. One thing that hasn’t changed: His ignorant ranting and raving. On a recent show, he claimed that racism was invented by communists — specifically Trotsky — to silence their critics.

This is this rhetoric that comes from Trotsky back in the 30s. Trotsky had actually brought up the word ‘racist’, it was contrived from that devil back then, he was a revolutionary under Stalin. Just saying, responding what to you just asked me pretty little princess, he used the word racist to browbeat dissenters. In other words, he created the word racism to combat those that weren’t in agreement with their ideology, their totalitarianism. So what they do is they would just belittle them — by the way, this is what you’re seeing across America today, that is communism from A-Z and it was contrived directly from that devil Trotsky.

But as Right Wing Watch points out, this claim is a myth. How could it not be? Trotsky didn’t even write in English, for crying out loud.

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  • bahrfeldt

    Trotsky did, however, invent Ted Cruz.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Trotsky didn’t even write in English, for crying out loud.

    Note to Ed: English borrows words. All the time. From pretty much any language you can name. In fact, the word “racism” is not of English origin; it first appeared in French (as “racisme”).

    The Russian word for racism is “расизм”, (transliterated as “rasizm”), Since the Russian word for “race” is раса (“rasa”), it seems possible that “расизм” could have been a Russian coinage. It just wasn’t.

  • colnago80

    This is this rhetoric that comes from Trotsky back in the 30s. Trotsky had actually brought up the word ‘racist’, it was contrived from that devil back then, he was a revolutionary under Stalin.

    Dean is amazingly ignorant of history for a grown man., Trotsky was not only not a revolutionary under Stalin, he was a vociferous critic of Stalin and the economic system in the former Soviet Union. Trotsky had to flee the former Soviet Union and take refuge in Mexico, where, on the orders of Stalin, he was assassinated by an agent of the NKVD in 1940. His followers, known as Trotskyites, were the most adamant critics of the Soviet economic system, labeling it, accurately IMHO, state capitalism.

  • He’s talking about using a word to describe a specific form of injustice like it’s a BAD thing. That alone speaks volume about his character.

  • Nick Gotts

    This is this rhetoric that comes from Trotsky back in the 30s. Trotsky had actually brought up the word ‘racist’, it was contrived from that devil back then, he was a revolutionary under Stalin. – Bradlee Dean

    Stalin deported Trotsky in 1929.

  • Trebuchet

    Dean is amazingly ignorant of history for a grown man.

    (My bold)

    I have to disagree with the last bit. He may be physically adult, but I’d say his emotional age is about six.

  • Abdul Alhazred

    Not original with whatsisface here.

    This stupid business of Trotsky inventing the word “racism” has been part of racist folklore since (at least) the 1960s.

  • Randomfactor

    He did too coin the word “Racism.”

    Only he just wrote the R’s backwards.

  • Artor

    What’s with his “pretty little princess” remark. Is he responding to a question? Is that how he refers to his parishioners? What an asshole! Of course, we knew that already.

  • Beside creating the word “Racism” for the english language he made the word “ЯДҪЇЖ”. Which translates into the word poison, which means that poison is a communist concept and nothing is poisonious, there for I am going to drink this hemlock and oleander tea, which by the blessing of St. Reagan should dooo med no ha

  • raven

    Racism whatever the modern word is an ancient human concept.

    It’s the central theme of the Old Testament.

    The Jews are god’s chosen people. Everyone else are substandard humans. It’s OK and mandatory to hate the Canaanites, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Romans, Greeks, Ammonites, Moabites, Amorites, Hittites etc..

    And if you can get away with it, you can kill all of them and take their land, stuff, and women.

  • Who knew that Trotsky would know that Obama would be elected decades after his death?

    Shorter Bradlee Dean: “The word ‘racism’ was invented by the communists to silence people who criticize our nigger president.”

  • alanb

    In the 1930’s some of Trotsky’s writings from the 1920’s were translated into English and one his words was translated into the newly coined word “racism,” which had started to replace the word “racialism” a few years early. Of course, both words mean the same thing and “racialism” had been around for many decades before that. A quick trip to an etymology dictionary could show all of this, but real knowledge is not what the wingnuts desire.

  • pacal

    Lying for Jesus. What a surprise. (Snark)

  • matty1

    Who knew that Trotsky would know that Obama would be elected decades after his death?

    Obama told him of course! Never forget the time machine.

  • Mr Ed

    Always liked Trotsky, snappy dresser

  • I’ve seen this brand of stupidity before. Lots of woos out there treat words as if they were magical or as if the ghost of a person who coined a word was enforcing rigid conformity on its use for his purposes alone. It just doesn’t occur to them that other people can and do change the meanings of words or use them for purposes the coiner didn’t intend.

    All that really matters is the concept communicated by the word. There is a lot of race-based hatred and discrimination going on right now. That is what we describe when we use the word, “racism.” Even if Trotsky coined the word, so what? That just means we can refer to a particular form of irrational injustice by that one word.

    It gets really irritating when they flip-flop between viewing language as inherently rigid and unchanging, and the Humpty-Dumpty fallacy, where everything they don’t like is Communist or Nazi.

  • Racists claiming that racism is a myth invented by the Communists isn’t rare these days, especially with the eugenics crowd that claim that interracial coupling is genocide. I have a nasty habit of looking at the comment sections of articles dealing with racism, and came across this gem:

    As i said, i was just stating that it IS equivalent to genocide. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Also, racism is a ridiculous word that means nothing, so i would never embrace it. It was invented as a political slur. Nobody has ever called themself a “racist”, not even during the late 1800s and early1900s were there were lots of people that called themself other things that are non-fashionable today like antisemites, fascist and national socialists. If anybody had wanted to call themself racist back then, they would have. Not even the actual racial biologists, separatists and similar ever called themself racist.

    That proves it is just a nonsensical slur, and as such, it should not be used by anyone. It means nothing, and everything. If it actually had a clear meaning, then i might be open to the idea of embracing it. If i knew whatever it was exactly that i would be embracing. Marxists loves all-purpose words with unclear meanings though, that is one of their tactics. Both positive and negative words. “Tolerance” and “diversity” is just as nonsensical and unclear expressions as “racism” and “bigotry.”

  • Who Knows?

    Dean is amazingly ignorant

    That’s all you ever really need to say about Bradlee Dean. Like so many ignorant assholes, he’s just pissed because our laws and society no longer accepts the Christian brand of racism. Well, at least the most obvious means of practicing it.

  • dingojack

    “According to the second edition (1989) of the OED, the earliest known usage of the word “racism” in English occurred in a 1936 book by the American “fascist,” Lawrence Dennis, The Coming American Fascism. The second usage of the term in English that the OED records is in the title of a book originally written in German in 1933 and 1934 but translated into English and first published in 1938 – Racism by Magnus Hirschfeld, translated by Eden and Cedar Paul. Since Hirschfeld died in 1935, before the publication of Dennis’ book the following year, and had already used the word extensively in the text and title of his own book, it seems only fair to recognize him rather than Dennis as the originator of the word “racism.”…”




  • dingojack

    Who knew Trotsky was an American fascist while he was simultaneously in Oslo as a guest of Konrad Knudsen (and writing The Revolution Betrayed, which states, in part, that the revolution had been stifled by Stalin’s hatred of dissent) after being in exile in Büyükada, Turkey (and later Royan, France) whilst being also a German expert on sex, Magnus Hirschfelt then living exile from Germany in Zurich, (because Hitler disliked his ideas)..

    Take that Schrodinger!


  • Trotsky wrote and spoke in many languages, English was one of those languages. His representative party in the USA was the Socialist Workers Party SWP. I was in their youth group for many years in the 70’s. As an anti racism party the SWP WOULD HAVE MADE GREAT POLITICAL HAY FROM TROTSKY BEING THE ORIGINATOR OF THE WORD RACIST OR RACISM. Trotsky was a prolific writer and social critic in the second,third and fourth Internationals. Not a peep from those groups either.