Illinois to Get Marriage Equality

Very sad news out of Illinois, where all straight marriages will soon lose their “sanctity” and all of civilization within that state’s borders will be destroyed now that the state house has voted to let gay couples get married. Cue the outrage from the Illinois Family Institute. The late Christian right Illinois Congressman Henry Hyde must be rolling over in his grave at the thought of those damn gay people destroying the sanctity of his marriage to the wife he cheated on for 30 years. And you know where this is leading:

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  • John Pieret

    And Hawaii appears to be ready to do it in the next few days and an earthly paradise will be transformed immediately into a stinking hell!

  • marcus

    Oh no! Not the Stench of Honlulu!

  • dugglebogey

    That sucks for all the straight people who are about to have their marriages invalidated and will be forced to find a same-sex partner.

  • Wylann

    I thought Hawaii had legalized it already. Maybe I just misremember the report. Good for Illinois. I think we are going to see the other states follow suit rather quickly now that equality has gained so much momentum.

  • Doug Little

    Wylann @4,

    Yeah it can’t come quick enough. Once the writing is on the wall the GOP will have to support it and once that happens there is a good chance that the party will fracture with the libertarians and fiscal conservatives headed one way and the tea party religious right fundamentalists heading in the other.

  • aaronbaker

    . . . all of civilization within that state’s borders will be destroyed . . .

    It all started to come apart in 1972. That’s when Evanston legalized the sale of liquor.

  • Ichthyic

    The late Christian right Illinois Congressman Henry Hyde must be rolling over in his grave

    ..there it is again!

    I agree with others that have suggested we investigate all these grave-rolling corpses to be a potential source of untapped energy!

    just hook a small generator to each of them and “presto”, no need for pipelines or foreign oil!

  • Ichthyic

    ok, totally OT…

    is there a way to block embedded comments on youtube vids? I can’t even watch this one because of all the crap stuck on top of it.

  • Dr X


    Liquor was only sold with purchase of a restaurant an entree until the 80s when open sale was permitted. That’s when the homosexuals arrived, with their parties, their music and an agenda. By the mid-90s they controlled all the bars, theaters, restaurants and cafes. Since then, they’ve taken over everything. If you want a cup of coffee, you’ve got to ask a homosexual who rams it down your throat. If you want to see a movie, have a meal, take a cab… you’ve got to ask a homosexual. Men and women aren’t allowed to marry, but they must share lockeroom shower areas. The Agenda has been fulfilled.

  • Ichthyic

    and by “this one” i mean this one.

    (one of the links that popped up after the video linked in the OP)

  • Ichthyic

    grrr, damn link fails…


  • John Pieret

    Wylann @ 4:

    The Hawaii Senate passed it. The House has added some (relatively minor) amendments protecting religious and even for profit organizations from having to participate in SSMs (there will be plenty willing to take gays’ money). It looks like the House will vote on Friday, send it back to the Senate to to approve the amendments and, if the Senate agrees, the governor has said he will sign a SSM bill into law.

  • Rip Steakface


    Click on the gear icon in the bottom right of the video, then click “OFF” next to Annotations.

  • democommie

    Does this mean that I will now have teh GAY men “of a certain age” asking me why I’ve never married? And what about that old dogwhistle, “He/She NEVER married.” for, “He/she’s a QUEER!!”.

    You fucking progressives want to take away everything!

    Illinois progressives, I hate Illinois progressives.

  • lpetrich

    Which states will be next? Hawaii is a likely one, but any others? I’m guessing Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon.

  • Thumper; Immorally Inferior Sergeant Major in the Grand Gynarchy Mangina Corps (GGMC)

    And Ed wins the award for the best use of a Ghostbusters clip ever.

  • hunter

    Ipetrich @ 15

    New Mexico is most likely — the state marriage law doesn’t specify the sex of the spouses, a number of county clerks have been issuing licenses to same-sex couples (at least two under court orders), and a coalition of 33 clerks has asked the state supreme court for clarification of the law. I don’t know when a hearing has been scheduled, or if there will even be one.

    Oregon and Nevada need to repeal constitutional amendments, which is not going to happen before next year at the earliest. Colorado just managed civil unions (finally).

    Pennsylvania is a possibility — there are a couple of cases pending that the AG has refused to defend; Michigan has a case due to be decided by early next year. There are something on the order of 20 states with pending lawsuits to overturn marriage amendments and state DOMAs at this point.

    It’s called keeping NOM busier than the proverbial one-legged whore.