FRC Lies About Support for Uganda Anti-Gay Bill

Jeremy Hooper catches Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council lying through his teeth about the FRC’s support for Uganda’s famous “kill the gays” bill. On the organization’s radio show he claims that “we did not support the Uganda law.” Here’s the audio:

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Jeremy then shows the video of one of Tony Perkins’ weekly commentaries from April, 2012, in which he criticized President Obama for criticizing that Uganda law, saying that the law was important to “uphold moral conduct.”


Doesn’t the Bible say something about lying? I must have missed the corollary “unless it’s about gay people.”

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  • Anthony K

    Doesn’t the Bible say something about lying?

    By now you should know that the Bible has exactly one line in it, and it’s about gays and communism.

  • Ichthyic

    this reminds me… what’s the latest on the case against Scott Lively?