A Tale of Two NOM Press Releases

Right Wing Watch points out two press releases from the National Organization for Marriage that are a bit hard to reconcile. After his landslide reelection as governor of New Jersey, NOM immediately put out a press release congratulating him and praising him for his strong stand for traditional marriage:

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today congratulated Governor Chris Christie on his reelection and harshly criticized the Republican Party’s national leadership for failing to adequately support Ken Cuccinelli, which they said is the primary reason for his narrow loss.

“NOM congratulates Chris Christie on his solid reelection win yesterday,” said Brian Brown, NOM’s president. “While we have disagreed with some of his decisions in office, Christie has been a strong supporter of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

And here they were two weeks ago when Christie decided not to appeal the state supreme court’s ruling mandating same-sex marriage:

This past Monday was a sad day for New Jersey and the nation as we watched Governor Chris Christie surrender on marriage. His backing down also provides an important object lesson in leadership (or lack of it) and gives us a great opportunity to contrast what happened in New Jersey with what’s going on elsewhere: what happens when people fight for the truth of marriage…

Because of his failure of leadership, there’s now little chance in the short term to restore true marriage in the state. In fact, now that he’s abandoned the fight, it’s highly likely that next month the Legislature will override Christie’s earlier veto of legislation redefining marriage.

Christie’s decision will have many consequences — for New Jersey and for his own career. It won’t be long before people of faith in New Jersey begin to feel the consequences that have been demonstrated in other states. We’ll see individuals sued, fined and persecuted. Small businesses put out of business. Students punished. Church groups will be targeted. Charities may have to close if their views are not in alignment with a redefined version of marriage. These things, and more, are becoming commonplace in any state that redefines marriage.

Governor Christie can also forget any idea he might have had of securing the Republican nomination for president. Already provoking suspicion for his embrace of President Obama and for the legislation he signed to prohibit parents from seeking certain types of counseling for their children with same-sex attraction, Governor Christie surrendering on marriage will be seen as the final act of betrayal. Conservatives and people of faith who make up the core of the GOP will never forgive his failure to lead on marriage when leadership was needed most.

From “we will never forgive his betrayal of traditional marriage” to “congratulations to this staunch defender of traditional marriage” in only two weeks. We may have a new record.

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