‘Snooki and Sarah Palin Are the Same Person’

I was flipping channels the other day and came across a rerun of Paul Provenza’s show The Green Room (which is a show I loved and I really hope it comes back) on Showtime. Dana Gould was talking about how he never watches reality TV shows and Franklin Ajiaye says, “Snooki and Sarah Palin are the same person.” And it struck me just how true that statement is.

It isn’t just that they both have had multiple “reality” TV shows, it’s that they are both products of the entire reality TV ethos. I don’t believe we would have any idea who either of them is if not for the celebration of mediocrity and shallow faux-celebrity culture that it has created (or perhaps that created it). And it is that culture that creates them, enriches them and makes them famous for no reason.

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