An Arab Atheist Social Network?

Here’s an intriguing Indiegogo project seeking funding, a new social network specifically for atheists and humanists in Muslim-dominated Arab nations. The goal would be to prevent their groups from being shut down by Facebook and other current social networks.

We are a group of atheists from the Middle East which most of you know at least from watching or hearing about the tragic events that the news channels bring from our religion & terrorism plagued region. We, as atheists in the Arab countries, suffer a lot of oppression since our countries do not believe in freedom of thinking or expression. The types of oppression we face come in many ways and ranges from threats and imprisonment to actually being killed as a punishment for being an apostate from Islam…

Right now as atheists in the Arab countries we rely heavily on social networks such as Facebook and twitter where we can work underground with fake names, of course, but still even in those social networks we’ve been followed by the Muslim masses led by those evil religious leaders and they group flag our Facebook pages or twitter accounts which are in turn closed automatically by the system until we appeal the decision of closing and as soon as we get back out accounts the soon they start again.

So, this campaign is about raising money for the cost of creating a website away from those social network websites that force their unfair policies on us atheists without protecting our content from being flagged falsely every time.

By raising money for creating our own website, we atheists can come together and post our content in one site and most importantly protecting our content from being flagged by those religious people who don’t respect the views of those who disagree with them.

And they actually don’t need much money at all.

We need to raise money for the cost of at least 3 years of web-hosting at and the cost of obtaining our website domain which costs about 12 USD a year and lastly we need a web designer who will help us design and program the site so that we could upload videos or even articles freely away from censorship.

According to, web-hosting cost 4 USD a month if we take a 36 months package and a year free domain but still we would need to pay for the other 2 years which amount to 12 USD per year, plus the web designer and programmer who actually is an atheist and would take a symbolic charge like 200 USD. So, after calculating the costs we came up with 400 USD for hosting the site for 3 years only plus 100$ could be used to advertise our new site. After that, we think that the website ads that we’ll put in our future website could secure the future hosting costs.

I bet we can raise that much in an hour or two here.

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  • Just donated.

    Wow, talk about a great cause, and a great idea.

  • keresthanatos


  • corporal klinger

    Could you not offer this group a place on Ftb? I admit, I don’t really know how all this works, but couldn’t Ftb be a safe place for a high risk group like this?

    It could also open a window in both directions of knowledge and understanding into the very different life realities of

    the islam dominated world and ours, very much like Avicennas blog and Nirmukta.

    And it would be hilarious to see the fascists, wingnuts, bigots and chauvinists lose their minds over the 5th column of the MIBOVMB (NS)* using Ftb to subvert and undermine everything that is good, noble and american/european.

    * Muslim Internationale Brotherhood of VERY muslim brothers (NO sisters)

  • A friend of mine writes:

    According to the Indiegogo page, they’re currently organizing via the internet, using social networking accounts that are anonymous or under another name, and their accounts and posts are then attacked via the social networking site’s “flagging” feature. Which is reprehensible, of course, but at least they can arbitrate it through Facebook or Twitter policy instead of the government that’s oppressing them in the first place, and the anonymous account keeps their identity secret.

    Existing social networking sites are less likely to be banned, and they’re safer– lots of people log into Facebook and Twitter for totally innocuous reasons. If the Indiegogo campaign is successful, and the website launches, and it somehow isn’t immediately banned, then anyone who logs into that website can be identified and tracked down by the oppressive governments and religious institutions that they fear. I support their efforts to network and organize via the internet, I just don’t see how this is an improvement on the status quo.

  • Moggie

    They probably need to factor in the cost of DDoS protection from someone like Cloudflare, otherwise they won’t be up for long.