Klayman and Jones, Together At Last

Larry Klayman was on Alex Jones’ radio show to discuss his upcoming lameass attempt to get Obama to resign by drawing “millions” of people — hundreds are more likely — to the White House to demand that he come out with his hands up. I’m sure Alex Jones will tell us soon how Klayman stealing money from one of his clients and getting sanctioned by the Supreme Court of Florida was really a false flag operation.


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  • Doesn’t Alex Jones know that Larry Klayman is a plant by the offshore crony kleptocrat Obama gang? Or maybe the Trilateral Commission (Obama/Boehner/McConnell) have something on him! Or maybe he’s in on it!…What if Alex Jones is the mastermind behind it all?!

  • colnago80

    Apparently Congresscritter Trent Franks of Arizona is joining Klayman and his fellow nutcases. I guess he’s trying to challenge Steve King and Louie Gohmert as the dumbest person in Congress.

  • John Pieret

    Has anyone seen Alex Jones in the same place as George Soros? … Just sayin’ ….

  • Nemo

    hundreds are more likely


  • BCat70

    @4 Nemo – beat me to it!

    “drawing “millions” of people — hundreds are more likely ” I’m guessing dozens. Anyone want to start a pool?