Catching Up With Romeo Rose

I know you’ve been dying to know what’s been going on with Romeo Rose since he revealed himself to be the world’s biggest douchebag. Fear not, for your intrepid blogger has the scoop for you. First of all, he lost his job because of it. And since Texas is an at-will state, there’s pretty much nothing he can do about it. And then he asked people to pay his electric bill. I guess being the “King of 6th Street” and “50% rock star, 50% CEO” doesn’t amount to much of an income.

But it gets worse. Much, much worse. Last week he went on a Twitter tirade that showed him to be not only a racist asshole and a raging misogynist but a rape apologist as well. To wit:

Statistical fact… most women actually orgasm during rape. Just goes to prove that most women really enjoy it and were really asking for it…

Somewhere in America, a woman is raped every 2 minutes…. and I get an erection every 2 minutes haha!…

Women should stop being such selfish creatures and stop reporting rape. They should put the needs of men first & foremost…

It’s a fact, most women who are raped were drunk and dressed like a slut. They put themselves in that position and then whine about it later…

there’s too many feminists in austin, i mean femi-nazis. womens rights? women were not intended by God to have rights other than to OBEY men…

I just want to clarify, I am not sexist or racist. I love women. well at least the pretty ones. and the ones that arent stupid feminists…

A womans job in life is to cook, clean, provide sex, and OBEY….

I never said I -advocate- rape. I just said most women that get raped are asking for it cuz they are drunk & dressed slutty…

I disagree 100% the women shouldn’t tempt men, therefore women get exactly what they deserve!…

A real man dominates women & keeps them in line. Its a mans world baby! always will be…

No, I’m not wrong. You need to just shut up right now little girl and stick to what girls were created for, go cook or clean now…

Any girls want the honor & privledge of going on date with me Austin Royalty tonight and buying me dinner downtown at La Traviata? No fatsos…

Transgender? eeww you freak of nature. go climb into a gas chamber, you are exactly what hitler was trying to eradicate…

I will be running for Mayor of Austin next election, vote for me! I will get rid of all hippys, liberals, potheads, blacks, gays & feminists.

His Twitter account has now been suspended. But he’s apparently serious about running for mayor of Austin. And don’t worry, ladies, he’s not too busy for you. He’s still looking for a girlfriend. Shocked, aren’t you?

And by the way, his Facebook page is public. And there are a thousand pictures of that infamous girlfriend of 11 years. How much would you love to interview her? The stories must be spectacular.

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  • Wylann


  • Pen

    I will be running for Mayor of Austin next election, vote for me! I will get rid of all hippys, liberals, potheads, blacks, gays & feminists.

    Vote for me, I’ll get rid of nearly all of you! Hmmm… let me think about that….well, despite your assurances that there is nothing racist, sexist, homophobic or undemocratic about threatening to ‘get rid of’ large proportions of your electorate, perish the thought, who would suggest such a thing…. I think, maybe… NO!

  • erichoug

    When I see people like this, I always end up feeling sorry for them.

    I have run into a few like this later in life and they are almost always bitter, angry and lonely. If they have managed to make a lot of money, they are surrounded by people who despise them and would leave in an instant if they could afford to.

    It is very rare that, after a certain age, they will have a flash of illumination and realize the emptiness not to mention wrongness of their bigotry and hatred.

  • dugglebogey

    It feels kind of gross to be laughing at the mentally ill, but dayum!

  • Sastra

    Watched the video. The first thing I wonder about this guy is ‘does he have a peer group egging him on, supporting him, and showering him with approval?’ And, if so, are they sincere — or playing him? Does he have a group of bros like this inside his head? Is there any possibility he thinks he’s doing satire? Smoove B?

    His views are so extreme — and ultimately self-destructive. I am perplexed.

  • eric

    When I see people like this, I always end up feeling sorry for them.

    First time around when bloggers found a random u-tube scrap and spread it, yes. That could’ve been a social inept crying for help. Now that he’s doing more of the same for the publicity…no.

  • iknklast

    I’ll never understand how people feel sorry for someone like this. I grew up with this. It was the norm. It was not something that victimized the people who perpetrated it; more often than not, they were feted and loved for it. The fact that the world is changing and they are not is not adequate reason to feel sorry for them. This man is not necessarily mentally ill; he could be totally sane and spouting this sort of thing, and we shouldn’t waste a lot of time feeling sorry for him. He feels sorry enough for himself.

  • equisetum

    But he’s apparently serious about running for mayor of Austin.

    He looked to north to Toronto, and had a vision in which Rob Ford said, “Hey, If I can run for Prime Minister of Canada, you can be mayor of Austin.”

  • Gretchen

    I have run into a few like this later in life and they are almost always bitter, angry and lonely.

    I’m sure that’s true, but that’s kind of like saying man-eating sharks are almost always found in the ocean.

    Bitter, angry, and lonely on their own don’t produce that.

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    Alas, poor Romeo! He is already dead … and thinks Hitler had the right idea.

  • equisetum

    Bitter, angry, and lonely on their own don’t produce that.

    I think it’s the other way around: That kind of thinking leads to bitter, angry, and lonely.

  • bruceheerssen

    The video has been marked private, there are no public posts on his facebook page, and I can’t find hide nor hair of him on twitter. His bad behavior appears to be scrubbed as well as he’s able. I did find the following statement on his website:

    The last 10 years has been my personal tribute to Andy Kaufman…

    Everything the public & press has seen regarding me has been nothing more than an elabrorate work of performance art at it’s most extreme.

    So, that’s it then. This has all been a colossal joke. I’m sure he’s quite sorry if he offended anyone. No mention on whether he’ll ever pull a similar stunt or if he’s learned anything from the experience.

    I somehow missed out on Rose. I hope he has a long life basking in the cold indifference of irrelevance.

  • bruceheerssen
  • sigurd jorsalfar

    Any chance he’ll perform another personal tribute to Andy Kaufman and fake his own death?

  • matty1

    I’m not familiar with the Kaufman guy, was he actually funny? Only Romeo seems to have missed the whole joke part of playing a joke on people.

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    Classic Andy Kaufman

  • bruceheerssen

    Sigurd, I doubt Romeo is competent enough to fake his own death. He might end up forgetting the faking part.

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    bruce, I’ll settle for him just disappearing

  • freehand

    I never really found Kauffman to be funny (compare his joke persona to Steven Colbert). I always considered folks who say hurtful things then add “Just kidding” on a regular basis to be… sad. Their passive-aggressive act is not an act, and they seem too cowardly to admit to themselves that they’re being jerks.

  • smrnda

    Kaufman is kind of funny in concept or when you see his whole life compressed into a 20 minute biographical program. On a day to day basis, you can only get so many laughs making in jokes where you’re the only person ‘in’ on it.

    On the ‘just kidding’ – being able to get away with that requires that people know that the outrageous beliefs you’re spouting are not your own.

    @5Sastra – these days, you can find an audience, but I suspect most guys like this have an internalized audience they’re performing for even when nobody is around. They’re trying to appeal to their vision of the ‘dominant male’ or something.

    I don’t feel sorry for people like this at all. They may be sad, isolated and lonely, but a lot of this is a choice, and in their misery they lash out at people who didn’t create their problems.

  • Michael Hoaglin

    So he’s just been joking a la Andy Kaufman for the last “ten years.” That mean he’s an edgy comedian who’s been languishing in complete obscurity for 9 3/4 years. But then something almost miraculous happened. He got noticed. And now that the “joke” is finally starting to pay off and he’s getting on TV and the world is starting to talk about him, he decides that NOW would be the most logical time to reveal that he was just kidding.


  • corporal klinger

    His mother(if he has), grandmother (if he has), aunt (if he has ), sister (if he has) and the girls and women of his extended family must be really proud of him…….. not.

    How the fuck does one get to such a mindset??

    Is that the result of living too long in the Grand Hotel Mum?

    Strong, intelligent women everywhere; must be a nightmare for him. Maybe a prolonged vacation in one of the countries where women know their place (under the men’s heels) would do him some good. Those countries are known for the social peace they live in, not to speak of all the fun there is………not.

    What a pathetic asshole.

  • lofgren

    I don’t think Kaufman’s schtick was ever meant to be funny in the same way that Colbert’s is. Colbert is doing satire. Kaufman was basically trolliog the world.

  • Doug Little


  • Kara Cummings

    I’ve been following this truly AWFUL person since the whole “Sleepless in Austin” stuff came out. I couldn’t help it, it was like a train wreck. I’m pretty sure he is lying about doing an “Andy Kauffman” schtick. When his Facebook page was public, people would comment on his page, his YouTube stuff and on other forums and blog sites about his outlandish behavior; many of those comments from other people mentioned that maybe he was just doing performance art like Andy Kaufman because it was hard to believe anyone could be as idiotic and vile as him. So, in a nutshell, he didn’t come up with the Andy Kaufman idea on his own. I think when people started lashing out at him so much and making fun of him he decided to backtrack and use this as an excuse. The guy is insane. I quit caring after he got upset about the hilarious ladies of G.O.M.I. making a mockery out of him. They took all of the stuff about him on their forum down and now I think since no one cares about him anymore he’s trying to open up a whole new can of worms…hence the Andy Kaufman disclaimer. Romeo…if you’re reading this, NO ONE CARES!

  • carolb

    He has now set up a Facebook account, Romeo Rose Fan Club, with people whom he has also made up. Yeah, it was all “performance art,” he’s still performing! I knew he wouldn’t go away!

  • fuzzknot

    Almost every “fan” who commented has a profile only a few days old, and a Google search of their profile pictures leads to other people’s blogs or, in one case, an Argentinian actress. Unconvincing.

  • ephalba

    That Facebook parody page is very definitely NOT a product of RoRo.

    And if he had really been method acting for the last decade, he wouldn’t now be howling mad at the people who ARE running that page, he would be welcoming the attention.

  • notrorohero
  • ephalba

    Mr. Brayton, do you happen to be one of the people he and his gf were screaming at via a comedian’s forum a few years back? I understand if you want to protect your identity (honestly, who wouldn’t want to stay off of this guy’s radar?), but you might like the parody page on Facebook.