More Worldnutdaily Headline Spin

One of the standard tricks of the Worldnetdaily is to post an “article” that is just the first few paragraphs of an article from a real news source, ending with a link but with a completely different headline. Take this article, for instance, headlined “SENATE PANEL OKS OBAMA’S ANTI-GOD NOMINEE: Unable to ‘set aside his policy preferences and long record of liberal advocacy.'”

But the actual article is from the San Francisco Gate and that headline is “Senate panel backs S.F. nominee for U.S. judgeship.” It’s about the Senate Judiciary Committee voting to forward the nomination of an assistant attorney for the city of San Francisco for a seat on the federal bench. So where does the “anti-God” come from? From here:

Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, one of five Republicans voting against Chhabria, said he was concerned that the nominee would be unable to “set aside his policy preferences and long record of liberal advocacy.”

Grassley did not cite any public statements of advocacy by Chhabria, only his work as a lawyer. For example, he said, Chhabria has “tried to stifle religious expression” in his representation of the city in a suit by Catholic organizations over adoption policies.

The lawsuit accused San Francisco supervisors of unconstitutional hostility to religion in a 2006 resolution that denounced the Vatican for prohibiting Catholic Charities from placing adoptive children with same-sex couples. Federal courts ruled in the city’s favor.

Remember when Grassley said he was concerned that a judicial nominee would be unable to “set aside his policy preferences and long record of conservative advocacy”? Neither do I. And this “anti-God” stuff is all nonsense. He did his job as a city attorney and defended the city’s policy when it was challenged in court.

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  • jnorris

    He did his job …

    There’s his problem Ed. The Republican Tea Party doesn’t believe government workers should do their jobs. Just look at their House of Representatives.