Some of Ray Kelly’s Best Friends are Black

New York City Police Chief Ray Kelly may run one of the most blatantly racist and unconstitutional law enforcement programs in the country, but he wants you to know that black people, especially the young black men targeted by the Stop and Frisk program, they love him. Love him.

In a Playboy interview released Friday, Kelly defended the practice vehemently and insisted that people of color are actually very pleased with stop-and-frisk.

When Glenn Plaskin of Playboy pointed out to Kelly that most New Yorkers believe stop-and-frisk is excessive, the police commissioner argued that minority communities actually want stop-and-frisk. “What you have is government by advocacy group,” Kelly said. “Among the people, there’s no groundswell against stop-and-frisk—certainly not in minority communities. I’m there all the time. They want more proactive policing.”

Plaskin tried again, asking, “Can you understand how some young men of color who have been stopped for no reason may hate your guts?”

Kelly, who was booed offstage recently at Brown University, claimed that young men of color actually love him and come up to him all the time to take pictures with him. “You might read something snarky on Twitter, but I could take you right now to 125th Street in Harlem and young men will stop me for my picture and give me a very favorable and friendly greeting,” he said. “They understand that we’re saving lives in their community, that they’re the ones at risk.”

Ray Kelly: Friend to black people. I bet he lets them use his bathroom and everything. Black people love him just like Alec Baldwin’s gay hairdresses loves him because he leaves a big tip.

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  • Reginald Selkirk

    Coincidentally, I heard an interview with Wisconsin governor Scott Walker on NPR this morning. Did you know that teachers actually thank him for destroying their collective bargaining rights?

  • dingojack

    I’m sure some of his best friends are black, hell he even lets them (reluctantly) use the outside toilet, just as long as his undocumented maid, Juanita, scrubs it with heavy-duty bleach immediately afterward.



  • …but I could take you right now to 125th Street in Harlem and young men will stop me for my picture and give me a very favorable and friendly greeting…

    Actually, they stop him because he’s “acting in a furtive manner”. If pressed, they’ll mention that he “matches the description” while he’s up against the wall.

  • ianeymeaney

    Can we please move up De Blasio’s inauguration already so that we can get Kelly out?

    Full disclosure: I am white male living in Queens who has had nothing but positive interactions with the police. Stop and frisk is still garbage.

  • marcus

    Ed “I bet he lets them use his bathroom and everything.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s not try to push this friendship thing too far!

  • iknklast

    Reminds me of Captain Fitzroy explaining to Charles Darwin that slaves are happy with slavery because they said so when the boss asked them.

  • jonathangray

    Those danged teens.

  • jonathangray

    (Of course everyone knows ‘teens’ is just a euphemism for ‘youths’.)

  • Oh, sure, jonathangray… You might as well have said, “Young black men scare me, so Constitutional protections shouldn’t apply to them!”


  • caseloweraz

    “What you have is government by advocacy group,” Kelly said.

    Charging “government by advocacy group” is like calling someone on the bench an activist judge. It’s only used when the result is something you disagree with.

    Not to mention that he misuses the term “government” here.

  • jonathangray

    “The only apparent motive in these attacks, as in all “Knockout” attacks, is to inflict injury on a random victim.”

    : D

  • jonathangray

    Random old geezer randomly beaten to death by random teens in random attack … Poor guy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • throwaway, never proofreads, every post a gamble

    I think people like jonathangray should be held accountable for their use of isolated anecdotes to promote a narrative that random violence involves only one race when something like this happens.

    Fuck off, jonathangray.