Palin Light Appears at Klayman Rally

Belinda Bee, one of the coordinators of 2 Million Bikers to DC, which, like Klayman’s rally of “millions” was nowhere near the size it was supposed to be, spoke at Klayman’s little picnic and sounded a lot like Sarah Palin Light. Take a look at this word salad:

Our mission statement starts off with: We at 2 Million Bikers to DC do believe in God, Country, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights – as written. That means there should not be change. We don’t care about all of those Bill of Rights that came after the original. We want to go back to our Founding Fathers’ views and beliefs.

No amendments after the Bill of Rights? You sure you wanna go back to that? Because you would no longer have the right to vote. And we’d still have slavery. And she continues:

We are one nation under God, and without God, we are not America. I’m gonna tell you right now, the first thing that I hear somebody talk about is ‘I have freedom from religion.’ No sir that’s not what it says, it says freedom of religion. Do not preach to me about this not being a God country. It was founded on God. They came over here and left to come here to be able to have the freedom to be a Christian, and to have the God that we have, that brought this country together, that this country was created after.

WTF is that last sentence? And of course, freedom of religion and freedom from religion are the very same thing.

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